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Do you draw? Doodle? Write notes to friends? Glue stuff? Cut paper? You can make a zine!

Zines (pronounced zeens, not like lines) are small cut-and-paste, self-published magazines made on a photocopier and distributed through mail order, coffee shops, music stores, low-budget websites and word of mouth. They are physical objects bound with whatever you can get your hands on.

What do you put in a zine?

Anything goes! Zines touch on music, politics, television, movies, work, food, whatever. You can get to know people pretty well through their zines because they are highly personal and whatever the creator wants it to be! Zines can feature poetry, jokes, cartoons, collage, and artwork, essentially anything that can be put down on paper.

'Zine library' box on a wallChristchurch zine scene

Christchurch Zinefest is held every year. In 2014 it was held Saturday 18 October at Room Four. See photos from the event at:

Check out the zine library in the foyer of 336 St Asaph St Street, Christchurch.

Zine resources

Stationery for making ZinesBooks on zines

Online videos

DIY – How to make a zine
YouTube clip showing how to turn one sheet of paper into an eight page zine using only a few folds and a pair of scissors.
How to: zines
YouTube clip on zine history and the hows and whys of making your own.

What zines are for

In her book From A to Zine, Julie Bartel writes that zines are all completely individual. The only thing that zines have in common is that the existence is the result of passion rather than a desire for profit, she writes. And she adds that it is the off–line nature of zines that makes them interesting:

Zines spring from the desire to create a tangible material object, and the physicality of zines is what differentiates them in essential ways from their electronic counterparts. Zines are about paper and glue, staples, thread, and ink, not about HTML tags, links and pop ups. Creating an artefact which can be passed from one person to the next, which can be sent through the mail (the regular mail), is part of the appeal.

The rules?

In short, there are few rules for zines. Some would argue that there are none. Make one yourself or get your friends in on it!

You get the idea. Now, go! Make zines! (and send us a copy if you think it’s really good).

May 2015