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The eco-friendly poem

By Alex Connolly

Growing your garden
May seem like a bore
But with eco-gardens
Boredom is no more

Growing plants is green
And lots of fun too
So don’t grow them for me
Grow them for you

Pigs go oink
And cows go moo
They don’t live in gardens
But chickens sure do

Worm farms are wacky
They eat all your scraps
But they are hard workers
Cause they sure don’t take naps

So as you can see
Being green is fun
So don’t just sit there
Get out in that sun!!!

August 2009

Worm farm haiku

Your organic waste
Can give nature a headache
Why not use worm farms?

Blind as they may be
Worms are earth’s recycling pets
And they’re ours too

Be kind to the earth
Since there is no planet “B”
Let’s not be wasteful!

Rivers never stop
Unless they’re awfully dry
Save water, save us

August 2009