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rubbishWatch your waste

Year 10 sustainability project

By Laura Failing

As part of the Watch Your Waste unit in 2009 the Year 10 Social Studies' classes at Avonside Girls' High School took a field trip to the Burwood Landfill and the EcoDepot during the first week of June 2009. Three hundred students learned first hand how the Christchurch City Council's waste management scheme operates.

After the field trip the students were involved in learning groups to focus on a problem related to waste management and how they would take social action to help solve the problem.

The students of 10AD decided that the problem they wanted to tackle was the lack of environmental awareness and action in schools and the community. They decided to promote sustainability and encourage young people to reduce their ecological footprint.

The groups promoted ideas such as worm farming, household vegetable gardening, raising chickens and the proper disposal of e-waste. Several groups promoted their ideas using the comic book and poetry genres.

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