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Feathered students enjoying school

Duckling Family
The ducklings with their concerned mother: From left, Fluffy, Downy, Skiddles, Puff, Tommie, Schmoozy, Lulu, Flippa, Doola, Pat and Mummy Duck.

By Amelia Page

This week Christchurch Girls’ High School has seen 10 new arrivals to the school. The new students are 10 cute little ducklings who are very eager to get involved with school life.

The ducklings, closely guarded by mum, have been enjoying exploring the school grounds over the past few days. They have been the star attraction with the Girls’ High students.

Yesterday, while out for a walk around the grounds, three of the ducklings decided to make a dash for the door. Luckily two Year 10 students were there to guide them back to a panicking mother.

Lunch time

Schmoozy, Skiddles and Pat gobbling up some sandwiches.

Little bits of sandwiches have been sprinkled over the ground to try and entice the ducklings to come closer. This hasn’t been a problem for some girls who have managed to pick the ducklings up, much to Mum’s horror. She didn’t need to worry though because they were quickly back by her side.

Girls’ High has quite a few resident ducks but in my two years here I have never seen any resident ducklings, especially not 10 of them. With a bit of luck they will all survive their ducklinghood. Let’s just hope the school cat, Spaz 2, doesn’t think they are his dinner.

September 26, 2008, part of Term 3 competition