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Three point perspective

booksBy Vittoria Hackett, 14

I couldn’t believe my ears. He was talking to me. The most popular, most beautiful boy in the whole school was talking to me. I was new to Peak Nelson High School. It was a small school, (or at least small compared to my last school), everyone knew everyone else and nothing was a secret.

One of those things that was not a secret was the fact that this boy, James Isaak Avery. He was loved by all, and fantasised about by every girl at this school.

Vittoria sent us sent us this story for our Term 2 and 3 competition in 2010.

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James was tall, buff and good-looking with his sea blue eyes and tousled golden brown hair. His family was very well off and he had impeccable taste, so he was always very well dressed. At the first sight of him I had fallen in love, and now he was talking to me. We had to pick a partner for our English assignment, and he was asking me if I wanted to be his one.

Find out what happens in the full version of Three point perspective.

Submitted 4 July Published 16 July 2010