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girlFriendship story

By Sophie Evans, 13

A year ago today mum died.

I remember waking up in the middle of the night hearing my mum breathing heavily. I went to mum and dads room and there was mum lying on the bed looking like a ghost, with two doctors surrounding her and as dad looked at me I knew that it was time. Mum had been battling with cancer for five years and now it was her time to go.

After mum’s funeral I remember dad crying so much and not leaving his room at all that Grandma Jo had to come look after us and I think that made things worse, because even the dog wouldn’t eat Grandmas famous shepherds pie - and he likes to chew on Harry’s used nappies.

Sophie sent us this story for our Term 2 competition in 2009.

Read the full story (29Kb .pdf) of how two girls become friends for life and how life interrupts their plans.

I was surprised when I got up today to find dad making blueberry pancakes and listening to Thriller blaring out of the old stereo. Dad handed me a plate full of pancakes all covered in maple syrup with a face made out of strawberries, I didn’t tell dad I hated blueberries.

Today when I got to school everything was the same, nobody came up to me and said hi and when I walked past the boys football game they all yelled the usual rude remarks and as I always did I ignored them and tripped up and fell into a brown dirty puddle, soaking the front of my green blazer. But when I walked into the classroom I immediately noticed the girl standing at the front of the room.

She was a tall skinny girl with shiny brown hair that hung in loose ringlets around her shoulders pinned back by a small purple butterfly clip. Two large hooped butterfly earrings hung from her small earlobes and as she blinked you could just see the sparkling pink eye shadow and the small tiny diamonds that surrounded her large blue eyes. I walked over to my seat and even then I could still see the bright shiny red lipstick on her lips.

“Good morning class, I would like you all to welcome Felicity Wood who has come all the way from America. I expect you all to treat her well and make her feel welcome. Oh and Felicity because it’s your first day I won’t punish you but makeup is not allowed at school,” Mrs Graham, our sixty year old form teacher said.

“Yeah you’re right Mrs Graham sorry, oh and everyone Felicity is such a boring name so you can call me Star.”

Felicity or Star said in her strong American accent walked over to her assigned seat next to me and left Mrs Graham standing on the spot staring at her disapprovingly.

“Hey you what’s your name? You sure do have a pretty smile” Star said as she looked me.
“Oh thank you. Um my names Georgia and I like your bracelet,” I said in my quiet voice.
“Oh this old thing, thanks but you can have it if you want.” Star handed me the bracelet and before I could protest it was already around my wrist.

Read the full version of Friendship Story (29Kb .pdf)

Submitted 2 July 2009, published 7 July 2009