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Shadow Dawn by Simon Brown

Simon wrote this story on Thursday 10 January 2013 as part of Zombie Day at Upper Riccarton Library.

Zombies at the library

Matt splashed through the puddles on the high street, stumbling as he tried to stay upright, battling the searing pain ripping through the flesh of his leg. Something had scratched his leg, a mere shadow, Matt had thought. The pain had quickly spread from his ankle, up his leg and was now consuming his thigh.

Matt had only been walking home from school when he saw the dark, mysterious shadows lurking around the corner. Matt had assumed it was just a bully from school looking to mug him. He crossed the road, but even as he did so, he saw the shadow move. He could still not see the owner of the shadow and it was starting to make Matt scared.

He decided he would confront the shadow, you know, show it who’s boss. But even as he turned around the shadow could be seen disastrously close. Matt shivered. He brought all of his courage together and rounded the corner.Hello, he muttered. Something grabbed his ankle and he felt sharp misshapen talons rip a chunk of meat off his funny bone. Matt shuddered with pain, collapsed and collided hard with the ground. A colossal pain screamed through the left side of his face. Blood streamed down his face from his nose, his eyebrow, his mouth.

The puddle quickly turned red and Matt jumped to his feet. Matt could barely put any weight on his ankle. In his anger, he swung his fist into the darkness. It connected with something hard, and he heard a satisfying cracking sound. Matt screamed as he saw what he had punched roll out of the darkness towards him. Matt turned and ran down the high street, his bloody face riddled with grit, his bad ankle increasing in painfulness by the second.

Matt stumbled toward the street corner, but stopped in his tracks as he saw more dark shadows round the corner. A grinding gravelling voice echoed out of the darkness. Shadow Dawn has begun Matt screamed as he remembered the zombie head he had seen on the floor. It was the last thing he ever did as he was pulled into the darkness and slowly and painfully devoured.

Zombies at the library Zombies at the library

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