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Redraft 2006

Redraft is an annual collection of teen writing published by the School for Young Writers in Christchurch.

Cupid On A Friday Night / Redraft 5

Edited by James Norcliffe and Alan Bunn.
Here is another fantastic collection of short stories and poetry selected from the Redraft competition which now attracts hundred of submissions from teen writers both in New Zealand and off shore.  With its eclectic range of character and plot - from the threat of pregnancy to the frustration of talking to an answer-phone … from sibling rivalry to Cupid On A Friday Night … there’s bound to be something to please everyone.  This is a great publication for dipping into and browsing through at your leisure, one where you can open a page at random and consistently be delighted with what’s been written.

Selected extracts from Cupid On A Friday Night

Dedication by Chloe Sutherland

This poem is for the people who,
Tore my paper to shreds.

For my essay
Returned, wounded in a
Sea of red pen

This small poem
remembers the hours spent, hunched
Over a desk
Finishing it.

This poem, in all its
Chaotic glory,
Is to recall ideas
Cascading and falling,
Perfectly tangled onto my page …

From The Power of Fate by Barbara Hiller

And then, again smothering the plans of strange coincidence, out of reasons only and not even entirely known to her, she decides to take the stairs.  This throws their timing out of sync, so that he reaches his car before she walks down the front steps,  and drives out onto the main road which she is to cross only a few minutes later.  Coincidence shakes its head sadly …

From Adorer la Mer by Alina White

His eyes were like the sky, muted through many layers of sea.  The darkest tone of sea possible.  And his skin had no colour save a milky look which served as a blush.  He was, he told her, the Prince Mir …

From Shadows by Harry McNaughton

Crying was not something that happened in Robert’s life. When he reached over to hug her and say sorry, he stroked her hair and felt its softness. It smelt like rough, raw soap, and as he kept stroking lower, Robert touched Pearl’s back.  He traced the line of her spine as she snuffled into his shoulder, and he thought of women with jewels and perfumes in ancient lands …

From A Taniwha Song by Marita Hunt

The ripples drowning my soul will turn into shore waves then become breakers crashing through my consciousness.  Everything in  me will be dumped, shaken, stirred and overturned by the force of the taniwha …

From Family Dinner by Pachali Bewster

OK, enough stalling.  She closed her eyes and randomly jabbed at her plate with her fork, coming up with a piece of chicken, complete with a flap of pimpled skin.  Ugh.  She didn’t even have to look at that soggy, limp skin to imagine how the grease would cling to her tongue and slowly slide down her throat …

Face Value by Jess Fiebig

Mum said
“It’s what’s on the inside that counts.”

Someone carved out my insides,
Plopped them in a jar
On their windowsill …