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My two families

A short story by Rebecca Batin

WritingWhen my aunty Lisa died, everyone was shocked because it had been so sudden, she was 35 and full of life … that was how she died.

She was in Spain for a holiday with her partner James when it happened, they were going to go tramping in the mountains, sky dive from a plane and swim beside a giant waterfall in the middle of nowhere. But none of this happened because my uncle James woke up and Lisa wasn’t there. He went back to sleep assuming she was just at the bathroom or something, but when he woke up half an hour later she still wasn’t there so he went to the bathroom to find her.
She wasn’t there.

He searched the rest of the room before calling the police. By 1:00 they had three search partys out, and by 1:30 they found a letter on the steeps of the Hotel saying that a well-known criminal called Monty Thendcris had taken her hostage and would only give her back for $40,000 James had no money and the dead line came quickly.

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Find out what happened to Lisa in the full story by Rebecca Batin (36Kb PDF).

September 25, posted September 29 for Term 3 Competition