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textThe Samurai

A short story by Luke Wattchow

It was the Edo period in Japan, the new age was dawning.

It was sun set. The golden glow of the last sun rays were escaping across the majestic Mount Fuji. You could hear the soft sound of the trickle of water from the flowing river, you could smell the light, sweet, scent of the cherry blossoms falling slowly, off of the tree.

“Ha, Ha, Ha!”. Laughter erupted around the table as one of Lord Ichigo’s subjects drunk himself tipsy, with Lord Ichigo nearing the same point. His sly, ambitious nephew knew that now was the time to approach him. The nephew walked up to Lord Ichigo, bowed down in mock respect and spoke.

Luke sent us this story, set in the Edo period of Japan, for our Term 2 competition in 2009.

A young samurai's father is challenged to put his son to the test - find out about the test and its chilling consequences in the full story.

“Lord Ichigo, I am but a humble servant, wanting what is best for this country,” he greased. “When you inherited this land from your fore-father, you were a great samurai, who was well respected throughout the province and country. You had proved your worth innumerous times in battle and out of battle as well. Do you really believe your son has done the same? He has not proved his worth in battle, nor out of it”.

“My son,” began Lord Ichigo, “has proved his worth and loyalty to me many times over. He has mastered every battle weapon there is, and defeated every weapons expert in the land. He would do anything that I command of him, he would commit hari kari if he was asked. Is this not enough?” he questioned.

“Yes my lord, of course, but if you have so much faith in him, would you be willing to submit him to a challenge that all of the Mongol adolescents take part in when they reach a certain age, to be able to be counted worthy to stay within the tribe,”
“ What is this test?” replied Lord Ichigo, boredly.

Find out about the test and it's chilling consequences in the full story by Luke Wattchow (24Kb .pdf).

June 2009

Your comments

Michael, 15 said:

Hey Luke its Michael, your old friend from banks ave. Great story i like it. I am still mad about star wars! :)

July 2009

Ben & Chantal said:

Wow, awesome work Luke!!

August 2009