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Camp Horror

By Isabella Walsh, 12

HorseI was shivering so violently my knees gave way and I found my face just inches from the mouldy rotten figure that lay at my feet, unmoving and white as a sheet. I screamed so loudly that the walls ached. I felt like weeping and fainting at the same time. Displaying amazing multi-tasking skills, I did both. When I came to, my vision was hazy and I was still frightened beyond words. A corpse. A dead body lying silently in the middle of this lively, fun-filled camp, rotting away as oblivious campers slept. it was absolutely putrid.

Isabella sent us this super spooky story for our Term 2 and 3 competition in 2010.

Read the full story (48kb PDF)

The body was a man’s. Tall, lean and fair skinned. He had slick black hair and a sort of George Clooney look about him. His flesh was in chunks, some shrivelled some gone completely, others in perfect condition. What was left of his skin was so deathly pale he looked as if he’d been deep frozen. I was too petrified to touch him but I’d bet you anything you like that his skin was as icy as the vast planes of Antarctica in the dead of winter.

If his appearance wasn’t startling enough, in his left hand, he clutched a glinting silver blood stained knife. This made me seriously doubt his dying of a heart attack or seizure. Regaining my composure, I planned my next move. I had to tell someone. If I kept it bottled up I would go crazy, nightmares would pummel me from every angle. It had to be someone I could trust.

“Rebecca?” I called knocking on the door of her bunkroom at two in the morning. I opened the door a fraction. I tiptoed cautiously over to her bottom bunk. Gently I shook her awake.
“What is it?” She slurred, half asleep.
“I can’t tell you here, you have to come with me. And bring your torch.”
“But why -“
I cut her off.
“I’ll tell you when there’s nobody around.”
We managed to exit her cabin without waking any of the other campers. When we were outside, and safely out of earshot of the camp, I told her what I had discovered.
“A body? Right.” I could hear from her tone that she didn’t believe me.
“I’ll show you then,” I pulled her along toward the small shed by the horse paddock.
“Look, Izzy, it’s two o’clock at night. I’m tired. Can’t this prank wait ’til the morning?” Despite her protests, I continued to lead her toward the shed. Shining the torch on the padlock bolting the door, I skilfully picked the lock with a bobby pin. I opened the door and shone the torch in, leaving the grotesque body in plain view.

Rebecca began to scream but I was ready with a hand which I clamped tightly over her mouth.
“Who- who is it?” She stammered, her voice cracked with terror.
“That’s what I was hoping we could find out. See that knife in his hand? I don’t think it was an accident.”
Rebecca, past speaking, nodded. I dug in my pocket for my digital camera and took several photos of the body.
“We’d better go back to sleep - we’ve got a big day ahead of us.” I led her back to her cabin. She obediently allowed herself to be pulled along. She was in shock. She was in for some nightmares tonight …

Read the full version of Camp Horror (48kb PDF)

Submitted 17 May 2010, published 4 June 2010