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Rose red revenge

A short story by Eleanor Loader

Lose sent us this story for our Term 2 and 3 competition in 2010.

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The girl skipped through the woods, trying to force a smile on her face.

She wore a white cape around her shoulders, and her eyes were pale blue, reflecting the persona of ice she seemed to project. Her feet were sheathed in little glass slippers, glinting as they caught the sun.

Slowly, the smile slid off her face. She wasn't happy. She was angry and sad. Her sister Red had been eaten by a wolf. The woodcutter had told her that, for he was there. He only managed to cut a paw off though, which was pathetic. The wolf deserved to die.

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Find out what happens in the full story by Eleanor Loader [55Kb .PDF].

September 24, published September 27 for Term 3 Competition