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A place I liked to visit in the past

By Anna Sands, 15

Anna sent us this story for our Term 2 and 3 competition in 2010. You could be published too!

The sun rose early in the morning and the dawn chorus echoed through the valley. Cows were herded to the milk shed, their hooves striking against the loose gravel road. Rabbits could be seen frolicking on the sloping paddocks. The cat lay mesmerized on a sun-drenched verandah. Reflections from the lily pond danced through the kitchen window like a lost ghost.

The warm sun invited young and old to the beach. Excited children in bikinis and board shorts carried buckets and spades with brightly coloured beach towels, while mothers and fathers carried rugs and picnic hampers.

Crisp, clean waves rolled to the shore picking up body boarders and surfers. Sandcastles, sunburn, and smiles were contagious. Seagulls swarmed on crusts and crumbs left behind. As day faded to darkness, tired children with mothers and fathers returned to their homes.

In winter, the weather was dismal and far from inviting. The wind was blustery, the rain was driving and the sun struggled to make an appearance at all. The cows still went down the gravel road but puddles replaced loose gravel and their hooves carried thick mud and dirt. I listened to the dawn chorus from a snug, cosy bed. The roaring fire warmed the house.

Hot soup was simmering on the stove and bread was baking in the oven. The cat curled up in a ball by the fire. There were board games and books to entertain. The beach was empty and the board shorts and bikinis were replaced with jackets, scarves, hats and gloves. There was no sunburn but windburn reddened our cheeks and took our breath away. It was the kind of cold that made your breath fog out in mists and your nose run constantly.

The picnic hampers were replaced with hot pottles of chips. Menacing waves thundered onto the shore looking sharp and uninviting. The sand was cold and damp. The seagulls swooped with more desperation, hungry for scraps of food and attention. Darkness came early and the lights of home beckoned.

Two seasons full of memories.

Submitted 24 September 2010, Published 27 September 2010