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Undead and loving it: Supernatural romance reads

So you want love stories? But not those kissy-kissy sweet-sixteen ones with pink covers and hearts and flowers? How about a bit of supernatural romance to really get the heart racing — just before it gets ripped out by a flesh-eating zombie …


Start with the obvious choices

CoverTwilight Stephenie Meyer
16-year-old Bella moves to live with her dad in rainy grey Forks, Washington, where she meets and falls for mysterious Edward Cullen. Vampiry love follows, as do sequels, movies, T-shirts …
Evernight Claudia Gray
Bianca’s teacher parents move to Evernight, a darkly posh boarding school where the students (and teachers) may not be what they first appear …

Once you've read those, there's plenty more vampire stories to read at your library.


Done with vampires? Move onto zombies:

coverGeneration Dead Dan Waters
Life, love, friendship and crushes are tough enough, without the object of your affection being a dead guy.
Zombie Blondes Brian James
New town, high-school cliques, and cheerleader zombies.  Funny and fast-paced, this is highly recommended!

Also try:

All the rest: Angels and Demons, Ghosts and Fairies

CoverGuardian of the dead Karen Healey
Eighteen-year-old New Zealand boarding school student Ellie Spencer must use her rusty tae kwon do skills and new-found magic to try to stop a fairy-like race of creatures from Maori myth and legend that is plotting to kill millions of humans in order to regain their lost immortality.
Ruined Paula Morris
16-year-old Rebecca is sent from New York to live in New Orleans with her crazy aunt, and makes some incredible discoveries about her family, her history, and the cemetery next door, while falling in love with the handsome but mysterious Anton Grey.
CoverBeautiful Creatures Cami Garcia
Ethan has been having nightmares for months, but it’s only when the girl in the dreams arrives in town that he realizes just how much trouble he might be in.

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