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 Spy and Adventure Novels

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Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz
This series of action-packed adventure stories of the teenage spy, Alex Rider, barely need an introduction. Stormbreaker is the first title to get started on.
Cover of Meltdown by Andy McNabBoy Soldier by Andy McNab & Robert Rigby
Boy soldier is a series by bestselling author Andy McNab. It follows the life of Danny Watts. Danny has always wanted to be a soldier but when he tries to enlist, the shocking truth of his grandfather’s past comes to light. Danny’s grandfather is an ex-SAS hero turned traitor and as such the Army has no interest in letting Danny fulfil his lifelong dream. Danny decides to hunt down his grandfather and hand him over to the authorities. But how do you find someone trained to be elusive? Boy Soldier is the first book in the series.
Conspiracy 365 by Gabrielle Lord
Callum's dad is killed by eveil forces and Callum will be next unless he can find out the truth behind the evil conspiracy.
Finishing School by Gail Carriger
A steampunk series about a finishing school set in a giant balloon. Girls who attend the school learn etiquette AND espionage. In Etiquette & Espionage, the first book in the series, Sophronia learns the truth about the svchool and takes on her first mission.
Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter
The Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women seems like a normal girls school, until you find out it is a a school for spies!

One off adventures

Cover of How I live nowHow I live now by Meg Rosoff
Daisy is sent to England to live with her cousins. Her father decides it will be in her best interest. Initially Daisy is having an idyllic summer with her cousins but while her aunty is away war breaks out in London. Daisy and her cousins are left alone in a house in the middle of nowhere with their land being invaded by both sides.
Code Name Verity by Elizabeth E. Wein
When Verity is captured by Nazis, she reveals pieces of code to put off her own execution. Woven into her confession is the story of her life and the war.
So Yesterday by Scott Westerfeld
Hunter and Jen are Trend Setters. They let you know what’s cool — they find the newest and coolest consumer goods for the retail market. But cool turns to intrigue when Hunter’s boss, Mandy goes missing. Wild roof-top chases and a cargo of missing shoes follow in Hunter and Jen’s bid to protect consumerism. A novel that “will make you question everything you’ve ever believed about how to be cool.”

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March 2015