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Excitement, fun, mystery, adventure and action — these books have it all.

coverBurger Wuss by M T Anderson
They first met as she was handing over his order at a takeaway. They spent a magical night together with a gang of young rebels but just when it seemed things couldn't be better, tragedy struck. Anthony caught Diana making out at a party with another guy. Now Anthony must devise a vengeful plan by which he can humiliate his humiliator and win back his girl.
Lester, Red Cliff, Jolt by Bernard Beckett (NZ)
Michael Patts has moved to Langton to get away from trouble. It's a fresh start. Unfortunately it coincides with the arrival of a tramp called Lester and a mysterious explosion of hatred in the town. Michael shouldn't get involved, but he is about to get into trouble again.
Red Cliff tells the story of a teenage boy's attempts to "beef up" to impress the most popular girl in the school. Predictably, Samuel's body building project does not work out as planned.
In Jolt, Marko surfaces from a drug-induced haze to find himself hidden from the world in a psychiatric ward. Who can Marko trust and how much time does he have? Time enough to write it all down, his story of a coast to coast trip, and the earthquake which ripped his world apart.
Obernewtyn Chronicles by Isobelle Carmody
In a world struggling back from the brink of apocalypse, life is harsh. But for Elspeth Gordie, born with enhanced mental abilities that would see her sterilised or burned if discovered, it is also dangerous.
coverTalking to blue, Blue murder by Ken Catran (NZ)
"It all begins on Monday with another murder. It begins for me, that is. I became involved from then on. Although more true to say I was sucked in. But Monday is where it starts so that's where I will. Because it led to the other killings and what happened with Blue."
Postcards from No Man's Land by Aidan Chambers
This story intertwines the past and the present, the old and the young. The story of the present is of an English teenager, Jacob Todd, visiting Holland to commemorate the Battle of Arnhem. Lying behind this is a story of the past, the Second World War and British soldiers fighting on Dutch soil. It is the story of a love affair between a young Dutch girl and a wounded British soldier.
Tenderness, I Am the Cheese, The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier
In Tenderness, eighteen-year-old Eric has just been released from juvenile detention for murdering his mother and stepfather. Now he's looking for tenderness - which he finds in caressing and killing beautiful girls.
I am the cheese is a horrifying tale of government corruption, espionage, and counter espionage told to an innocent young victim.
The Chocolate war is the story of a high school student who is first a hero and then a victim in this novel of intimidation and the misuse of power.
Ironman by Chris Crutcher
In "Ironman" Bo Brewster has been at war with his father for as long as he can remember. Following angry outbursts at school that cost Bo his spot on the football team, Bo is sent to an anger management group. There he meets a hard-edged pack of survivors whose own defenses are rigged as high as his own.
cover48 shades of brown, After January by Nick Earls
Dan is going his last year at school and trying not to spin out. He falls for his 22 year-old aunt's friend and things become much more confusing. In After January Alex has eighteen days until he finds out if he got into Arts Law, a week in Caloundra to sleep, swim and watch the cricket, and a mother with a keen interest in his sex life. Fortuna keeps bees, has a nose ring, and a father who likes to do pottery in the nude. When this unlikely pair meet the results are both hilarious and heartwarming. And for both of them it means that things will never be the same after January.
Deadly Unna?, Nukkin ya by Phillip Gwynne
A story about a teenage boy growing up in a rundown, football crazed beach town. It tells of his involvement in the local footy team, his friendship with a special Aboriginal boy, the adventures of his love life, his experiences with his parents and all the other trials and joys of being a teenager. The story touches on aspects of racism, drug-use, violence and death. In the sequel 'Nukkin ya', Blacky's romance with Clarence engenders even more racist behaviour from the residents of the Port.
S E Hinton
Stormbreaker, Point Blanc by Anthony Horowitz
When his guardian dies in suspicious circumstances, Alex Rider goes from schoolboy to superspy within days as his world is turned upside down. Forcibly recruited into MI6, Alex has to take part in gruelling SAS training. Then, armed with his own special set of secret gadgets, he's off on his first mission. "Point Blanc" is the follow-up that sees Alex reluctantly adapting to his double life.
Paul Jennings
Pagan's series by Catherine Jinks
In twelfth-century Jerusalem, as the Infidels close in on the city, sixteen-year-old Pagan is assigned to work for Lord Roland, a Templar knight. Later they returns to his family home in France where his family clashes violently with their neighbours and Roland is drawn to a heretical young woman.
24 hours by Margaret Mahy (NZ)
Ellis is a teenager in limbo between school and university. He is drifting, and aching for experience. It comes his way big-time, and by the end of the book he has hung out in a weird commune called the Land-of-Smiles, spent a drunken night in bed with a girl only just met, had his head shaved, been given a tattoo, driven his mother's car in a dramatic chase sequence, had the same car peed in, and heroically intervened in a suicide bid.
The Tomorrow series by John Marsden
A series in which seven Australian teenagers return from a camping trip in the bush to discover that their country has been invaded and they must hide to stay alive.
Touch me by James Moloney
For Xavier McLachlan, rugby is life. Winning means everything until he meets Nuala Magee. Has there ever been a girl like her? She's feisty, she's troubled, she's dangerous. What will his mates think?
Slam! by Walter Dean Myers
Despite his talents on the basketball court, sixteen-year-old Greg "Slam" Harris performs poorly in the classroom, and when his teachers confront him, an explosively angry Slam fears for his future for the first time.
Garth Nix
Owl by Joanna Orwin (NZ)
Owl and Tama are from very different backgrounds. Owl getting used to the death of his father and the family struggling to hold on to the family farm, and Tama, a disgruntled city kid. The boys are set for a stand off. Owl's discovery of some Māori cave drawings and the tension between the two unleash a disturbing malevolence from the past.
The Hatchet series by Gary Paulsen
After a plane crash, 13-year-old Brian spends 54 days in the Canadian wilderness, surviving with only the aid of a hatchet, and learning also to deal with his parents' divorce.
Terry Pratchett
Holes by Louis Sachar
As further evidence of his family's bad fortune which they attribute to a curse on a distant relative, Stanley Yelnats is sent to a hellish correctional camp in the Texas desert where he finds his first real friend, a treasure, and a new sense of himself.
The Lockie Leonard books by Tim Winton
Lockie Leonard, fourteen-year-old surfer, finds riding waves is smoother going than being in love or being popular.
Hard love by Ellen Wittlinger
After starting to publish a zine in which he writes his secret feelings about his lonely life and his parents' divorce, sixteen-year-old John meets an unusual girl and begins to develop a healthier personality.
Face by Benjamin Zephaniah
The story of Martin whose life is completely changed when his face is badly scarred in a joyriding accident.

Updated August 2010