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Young adults crossing into adult reading

Try these authors and titles if you're ready to break into books written for adults.

Cross-over books

coverThe devil you know by Mike Carey
This is the first in a series of books based around the character Felix Castor, written by the creator of Hellblazer (filmed as Constantine with Keanu Reeves) Felix is a freelance exorcist in London in a time when the supernatural world is spilling over into the “normal” world You can read more about the series on the Fantastic Fiction website.
The serpent and the rose by Kathleen Bryan
After being imprisoned for 1000 years by the Knights of the Rose and the Ladies of the Isle, Serpent’s forces are gathering. This is a medieval fantasy saga with a good dose of romance thrown in for good measure and the first book of three in the War of the Rose series. Kathleen Bryan is the pseudonym for the prolific Judith Tarr so if you like this series there are other offerings you may want to try
Farthing by Jo Walton
(Book one of a trilogy). Farthing is a fantasy with a lot to offer. Set in an alternative history where it is England in 1949 and Churchill has been overthrown and negotiated peace with Hitler. Throw in a gruesome murder mystery and you have a compelling read on your hands.
coverThe highest tide by Jim Lynch
Miles O’Malley discovers a rare deep sea creature in the tidal flats near his home. After more exotic sea life turns up Miles becomes a local celebrity to the extent that some people are hailing him as a prophet. As Miles tries to move into adulthood, he wrestles with dating, infirm friends, and parents on the brink of separation.
Wesley the owl by Stacey O’Brien
Wesley the Owl is a love story with a difference — a gal and her owl The relationship spans 19 years, starting when Stacey adopts Wesley at four days old. As with any relationship there are ups and downs but when Stacey gets deathly ill, her bond with Wesley helps battle her illness. This particular owl managed to consume 28 000 mice in its lifetime! You can even check out the Wesley the owl website.
coverUndiscovered country by Lin Enger
Undiscovered country is a modern take on Shakespeare’s Hamlet Jesse’s father has died of an apparently self-inflicted rifle wound However the ghost of Jesse’s father visits Jesse the next day with a message saying that he didn’t shoot himself and that he should look more closely at Jesse’s uncle This sets Jesse on a mission to find out what really happened to his father, or is it all in his head?
Extremely loud and incredibly close by Jonathan Safran Foer
Oskar Schell is a rather eccentric nine year old whose father died in 9/11. He finds a key his Dad left behind which leads him on a journey primarily to unlock the secret of the key but Oskar finds out more than he could have imagined.
Secret between us by Barbara Delinsky
Deborah Monroe and her daughter, Grace are driving home when their car hits a runner Deborah, the town doctor, tries to protect Grace by saying that she was driving Relationships are stretched as they try to keep a huge secret in a small town, especially when it turns out there is more to the accident than anyone could have guessed.

More authors to try

Raymond E. Feist
Raymond E. Feist describes his books as 'historical novels about imaginary places.' His books have been the basis of computer games such as 'Betrayal at Krondor'.
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Jodi Picoult
Jodi Picoult is a critically acclaimed author whose books focus on family, relationships and the balance of love. The pact is a good one to start with — all about first love, loss and the complications that come with the territory.
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Alice Hoffman
Alice Hoffman writes for adults, children and teens. Although her novels feature contemporary life her books have a thread of magic in them. Alice Hoffman wrote Practical magic which has been made into a movie starring Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock.
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CoverTad Williams
Tad Williams writes multi-book science fiction/fantasy series which encompass worlds of magic and virtual reality.
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Nick Hornby
Nick Hornby has been described by Booklist Review as a 'wise and funny spokesperson for the Modern Male.' High Fidelity and About a Boy have been made into great movies but also deserve a read.
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Nicholas Evans
Nicholas Evans is the author of the bestseller book and movie The Horse Whisperer. His books have a wildness about them which is mirrored in the animal mysticism and craggy backdrop of his stories.
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Nicholas Sparks
Nicholas Sparks is a best-selling author who has had three of his novels made into movies Message in a bottle, A walk to remember and The notebook. For those that like their romance to the extreme.
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