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How to make your writing juicy!

Brigid LowryInterview with Brigid Lowry, author of Juicy Writing, who is appearing at the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival in 2009.

How will being able to write well benefit me in my life?
It may not. Being a kind person is more. Writing is only one of many creative things one can do in this life: music, art, skateboarding. However, if you have a gift and a talent, you will find pleasure in it, and maybe money.
Why is being able to write well important - isn't texting quicker?
Txting is a completely different form of communication. Good for social networking and hooking up. Books are another country.
Some people say just write like you talk - is that good advice?
Not always. Depends how you talk :-)
Is writer's block real? How do you beat it if it is?
Very real. A whole chapter in Juicy Writing in this, and all writers have their own tips. This is tricky territory, you will have to find your own way. But don’t expect to be creative a-go-go all the time. Relax and enjoy.
Juicy WritingIs it important to learn new words? Where can I find them?
Dictionaries, libraries, newspapers, magazines, conversations, or buy a couple of packets at the supermarket. :-)
Do you read the dictionary or play word games? Do crosswords help? 
I do all of the above. I also play Scrabble, and read a lot.
Who are you're favourite writers and why?
So many. Today I have time to name only one. Sharon Creech. Her work is rilly, rilly good.
How important are libraries to you as a writer?
Yes. Very. Totally. Absolutely.
I once read that a writer's job is about overcoming fear - mostly the fear of boring your reader. Do you have a favourite phrase or saying you try to work to?
“Make them laugh, make them cry but most of all make them wait.” Shakespeare.
Finally can you give us an example of a writing exercise that gets some good results?
I wrote a whole book about this. Go check it out!

May 2009