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Bernard Beckett
We talk to one of New Zealand's most successful authors for teens.
Malorie Blackman
Author of the Noughts and Crosses trilogy.
Ken Catran
One of New Zealand’s most successful and prolific writers - his works of fiction range from murder mysteries to science fiction to the reality of life in the trenches during World War 1.
Queenie Chan
Australian manga artist, author of The Dreaming books.
Marcus Chown
A quiz about the universe from science writer Marcus Chown, who has made a career combining his love of physics and English.
Brian Falkner
Auckland-based author Brian Falkner's book The Tomorrow Code was published in 2008.
Anne Fine
Writes for a wide audience from kids to adults.
John Flanagan
Australian author of the popular fantasy series The Ranger's Apprentice.
Debi Gliori
Author of the Pure Dead series about the Strega-Borgia family.
Andy Griffiths
Australian author of the bum/butt series, the Bad Book and more.
Mandy Hager
New Zealand author.
Lucy Hawking
Daughter of famous physicist Stephen Hawking.
Karen Healey
A young and interesting New Zealand author with a love of World of Warcraft, baking and cheerleader movies.
Steven Herrick
Australian author who writes poetry and verse-novels for children, young adults, and adults.
Paul Jennings
Australian author of uncanny, unbelievable and spooky tales.
Leslie & Susannah Kenton
Writing about food and natural health and beauty.
Clare Knighton
Young New Zealand author who started her first book while in High School.
Derek Landy
Author of the popular Skulduggery Pleasant series.
Jared Lane
Author of various comic strips, based in Christchurch.
Helen Lowe
Author of the Thornspell book and other series, this Christchurch fantasy and Sci-Fi writer is taking on international audiences.
Brigid Lowry
Author of Juicy Writing and Tomorrow will all be beautiful, speaks about writing.
Steve Malley
Artist and graphic novelist, based in Christchurch.
John Marsden
Author of the massively popular series that began with Tomorrow, When the War Began. Read also about his 2011 visit.
Patrick Ness
Author of the Chaos Walking trilogy, interviewed by Zac Harding.
Christopher Paolini
Author of the Inheritance cycle, interviewed by Zac Harding.
Beaulah Pragg
A young New Zealand writer.
Tania Roxborogh
Another young New Zealand author.
Phil Smith
New Zealand author.
Sam Stern
Young "celebrity" cook.
Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell
Paul and Chris collaborate on the very successful Edge Chronicles.
Jonathan Stroud
Author of the fantastic Bartimaeus Trilogy
Penelope Todd
Penelope Todd lives in Dunedin. Some of her stories have been shortlisted for the NZ Post Book Awards.

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