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Cheapskates get on board

SkaterSkateboarder Scott Buckner has a pretty cool job. He works for Cheapskates and one of his roles is as the man in charge of the Cheapskates Demo Team. His job involves skating, showing skaters new tricks and how to improve their skills, as well as encouraging talented young skaters in Christchurch. The Pulse got to chat to Scott in between judging duties for the skateboarding comp at the LYFE Linwood Block Party and asked him a bit about skateboarding and what Cheapskates are doing to support young skaters in Christchurch.

So Scott what’s the idea behind the Cheapskates Demo Team?
Well, it’s been an ongoing thing for a while. As a store we sponsor the up and coming skateboarders in the scene at that time. So it’s sort of a rotational thing. As new skateboarders emerge onto the scene and get recognised that’s when we approach them and get them to come and do events like this one.
So what kind of support do you give them?
Well, they wear our products and in return we give them cheap deals. We also do a trade-in system for skateboards. So instead of having to buy a new skateboard every couple of weeks (because honestly we go through them pretty quickly) we allow the guys to trade them in for a new board. So it’s a pretty good deal. It keeps them happy and in return we’ve got skaters out there with good gear representing Cheapskates. When you get to this level and go through boards the way these guys do it starts to get quite expensive.
Is there any age limit to who can be on the team?
Not really. We’ve got a team rider by the name of Dan Kelcher who’s ten years old and he actually competed today in the open division with adults. He’s a bit of a star. He’s totally famous within the skate scene here in Christchurch. Yeah, he’s a star.
So where can skaters who want to check out your moves go see you do your thing?
Lately Christchurch City Council has approached us to run a few skate workshops around the city and we do a big one each year at Thompson Park. It’s called Skate Jam and it’s coming up on Saturday 28 March (now called Skate Skool - ed.)It’s the biggest of its kind in Christchurch. The majority of the time these guys just hang out at skate parks wearing our logo but we’re open to doing more events if anyone wants to invite us along.
What advice would you give to anyone thinking “I want a spot on that team. What do I have to do?”
Just keep skating. Get out and just skate hard. Don’t concentrate on getting sponsored, instead just skate and eventually someone will recognise you as a ripper. Do it for the love. Just through word of mouth eventually you’ll get recognised as a good skater.
Looking around there’s not many girls out there on their boards. Skateboarding does seem to be a bit of a guy thing doesn’t it?
We actually sponsor two girls, one from Heathcote and one from Lyttelton and they are amazing. It is predominantly a male thing unfortunately. I’d love to see more girls out there in the skate park. I would say don’t be afraid to come down and give it a go.
Gnarliest injury?
Probably a re-occuring dislocated shoulder which is an ongoing thing for me. I’ve seen bones pop out of skin, that kind of stuff. But that just goes along with it. It can be a dangerous sport but you soon learn your limits.
Who’s your skateboarding hero?
Oh that’s a good question. I would have to say… Danny Way. He just pushes further than anyone else in the scene. He’s the one that jumps The Great Wall of China and sets the records for the biggest air and that kind of stuff. He’s got the biggest wings out there and he’s the man in my eyes, yeah.

Get out there!

Now, jumping the Great Wall of China is probably not on the cards for most skateboarders but spending time at a skate park working on your skills isn’t. Whether you’re attending a Cheapskates Demo Team event or just knocking around with your mates at the weekend the key to getting better is to get out there and do it. If you get good enough who knows, maybe one day Scott will be tapping you on the shoulder for a place in the team?

December 2014