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Dan Carter: a brief and informal chat.

Obviously you work to a game plan but we just wondered how important a part instinct and intuition play when you’re actually out there?
Very important. Mainly because things happen out there very quickly and you need those instincts to play what’s in front of you to avoid the opposition.
What do you do to combat nerves (if you get any) before a game?
Don’t really get too nervous but sometimes before big games I do. Nothing you can do really. Nerves are not a bad thing. They tell you you’re ready to play. You just have to keep telling yourself to relax.
Do you have any special ways of approaching training to get you in the right mood for it?
Just make sure you’re fresh and rested before each session so you can perform at your best at every training and game.
What (or who) do you think it is that’s got you where you are today?
Hard work and practise. Sometimes it seems pointless but you do eventually get rewards - as I am now.
Best advice ever given to you?
Just to "never give up"
Worst advice ever given to you?
Can’t think of anything to date. Very lucky.
What were you like as a teenager & at school?
A very quiet, shy young man with big goals that I often kept to myself.
What were you going to be if you didn’t make it in rugby?
I was at Polytec training to be a personal trainer.
What’s been your scariest moment during an All Black Game?
Getting injured
And the best moment?
My All Black debut.
Do you play other sports - what are they?
Cricket, touch rugby and golf.
Who are 3 of your sporting heroes (of all time)?
Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Andrew Mehrtens.
What music do you like & do you use music to help prepare for a game?
Anything really. R and B, Hip Hop.
What would you say to teens who are serious about making some form of sports their career?
Work hard, be prepared to go through rough times as well as good times. Take every opportunity you can.

September 2005