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GirlsA library holiday

By Laura de Haro

During the last school holidays there was a holiday programme at New Brighton Library. Activities ranged from paper airplanes competitions, star weaving, scavenger hunts to newspaper fashion shows. One of the highlights was a Playstation Tony Hawk comp. Cheapskates gave us some goodies and the participants were thrilled ;-)

The Pulse chatted to Amber, Kelsey, Shawn and Sonia who participated in most of the events.

What was your favourite thing to do during holidays?

Kelsey: Come to the Library and have fun with my friends

Shawn: Yeah, hang out with my friends and going to the movies

What do you like the best about the library

Sonia: I like that we all get together to watch “Home and away”

Kelsey: I love the computer room and the games.
It’s the new cool place for people to come in

Amber: The computer room is the best

What’s the last book that you have read? Did you like it?

Kelsey: The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. I’ve tried reading it before but this is the first time I’ve actually finished it and I really liked it.

Amber: Some of The Babysitters Club graphic novels, they are really cool

What’s the last DVD that you have borrowed?

Sonia: Garam Masala. I laughed so much…

What’s your favourite song right now?

Sonia: Love story and You belong with me by Taylor Swift

Amber: Sugar by Flo Rida

You participated in our Newspaper Fashion Contest, do you follow fashion?

Kelsey: My favourite subject at school was sewing!
I really like creating stuff. I like looking at books that have fashion that people make from scratch.

Amber: I like borrowing heaps of mags and trying different styles to see which suits me better
Sonia: I like making fashion collages and looking at other people ones. I like to look at the fashion magazines in the library

The girls got tons of candies and Library goodies and also pool passes to the Hydroslides at QEII - a great way to round off the holiday!

July 2009