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* Cartoon Network
If you're a cartoon addict have a look in here for games with your favourite characters including Samurai Jack, Scooby-Doo, Toonami and more.
* Cyrkam Airtos
Have a go at getting your rubbish in the bin.
* Disney Online
Games with Disney Characters.
* Fan Fiction
Both for stuff to read and for getting published: fan fiction is when fans write new stories about their favourite characters from movies, comics and other books etc.
* Free Arcade
Online games galore.
* Game Planet
The place to play games, buy games, talk games and meet gamers.
* Games Radar
Reviews, previews, news, cheats, videos and more.
* Lego
Lego games galore!
* Miniclip
Free games and shows to play online or download. Action, puzzle and mulit-player games are available.
* NeoPets
Virtual Pet Site.
* New Zealand Game Developers Association
Support and advice for developers of video games to help provide opportunities for trade and industry.
* Orisinal
This site not only has great graphics but also wonderful games to choose from. (You will need Flash to play these games)
* Stardoll
If you like fashion and dolls, play with these online paper dolls - dress up a star or make a doll of yourself.