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COD Black Ops 2 by Treyarch

Reviewed by Wai, 15

It is a very violent game (shooting). It has lots of different guns in it and is lots of fun for kids to enjoy. A newly released game.

November 2012

Silent Hill 2 by Team Silent — Konami

Reviewed by William Churstain, 14

Widely considered the pinnacle of horror gaming and a benchmark for video-game based storytelling, Silent Hill 2 strikes all the correct chords.

The game revolves around the simple premise of a person looking for their lost loved one, only in this case the "lost" loved one died of a terminal illness three years ago.

Of course, not all's well in Silent Hill, with the town being abandoned and full of monsters, but our protagonist James refuses to leave.

So what did I like about this game? Silent Hill 2 has been called by many a terrifying experience, "winning" many scariest-game-of-all time polls. Despite this, I found the way in which the game was presented to be too "human" to be scary. I'm not implying that sci-fi/fantasy would have added to the horror, but in the same respect, I found the story to be compelling and wholesome enough to entertain, something a "true" horror should never do.

Despite this, I was able to enjoy the game thanks to its well developed characters, which despite some blatant caricatures (insane obese man, insane suicidal woman, etc.) still felt refreshing and intense. With graphics that, even today, manage to contribute to an atmosphere so polished it alone would make a great game and fantastic compositions by (now renowned) Silent Hill series composer Akira Yamaoka, Silent Hill 2 gives the solid impression of near-perfection.

Even though the game's horror doesn't scare, or that its voice-acting disrupts the experience at crucial times, Silent Hill 2 delivers a clever, intense, compelling and dramatic horror that as a film, would stand as a lovecraftian opus compared to the modern western gore-based trash that defiles the art form that is film.

February 2011

Final Fantasy XIII

Reviewed by Matthew Dyer, 14

Final Fantasy XIII is a brilliant game as are its predecessors. It has moved on from its original turn-based game and the graphics and details are very good. There has been a lot of add-ons and similarities to its earlier versions with the "phase shifting" being new and "Summoning" which is like the other ones but has progressed a lot.

July 2010

Pokemon Indigo - PC

Reviewed by Jacob, 13

Pokemon Indigo Is A Fun Pokemon Game to play for all ages. It contains many different areas and hundreds of different Pokemon to catch. You Also can make your own room and put Pokemon in it (For A Small amount of money from the game) so people can catch and you also can catch. Awesome game to play.

July 2009

SmackDown Vs Raw 2009

Reviewed by Jacob, 13

This Is One Of The best wrestling games available on many consoles. You are able to play The Road To WrestleMania with 5 Different wrestlers and 1 team of 2. There Is also the create mode where you can create Move-sets, Wrestlers And Even your own Finisher! I Would Definitely Recommend This Game if you are a Wrestling Fan.

June 2009

Mafia Wars - PC

Reviewed by Jacob, 13

Mafia wars is a great game that has no ending so you can keep playing until you want to stop which is very hard to do since it is a great game to play. you are a mafia member and the aim is to get as good as possible by upgrading attack, defense, energy etc and growing your mafia family. I Play This And It Is a great game to play.

June 2009

Need For Speed Undercover

Reviewed by Jacob, 13

Need For Speed Carbon is a good game to play if your around 13+ years of age as it is a great racing game for Teenagers to play. It Has A Great range of cars and tracks to choose from. I Would Recommend buying this game if you like racing games.

May 2009

World Of Warcraft

Reviewed by Jacob Cox, 13

The best game I've ever played. A great way to meet like-minded people from all over the US, Canada, the world. You're play style is a reflection of your personality; so you'll soon have a long list of names on your friends list of people who like playing with you. Some of the best people I've ever met have been in-game. I play on Dalvengyr, Xeronrr is my main, an undead warrior, Pallid is my priest, Sellivia is my son's priest, poor kid.

May 2009

Midnight Club: Los Angeles (XBOX360)by Rockstar Games

Reviewed by Isaac Radford

Honestly, another knock in the already ruined racing genre. This game has really improved graphics wise but the gameplay is very disappointing for rockstar… having made GTA, being one of the most sucessful games of our time to chuck in a lengthier storyline without the cheese! Overall the selection of cars and the customisation makes the game kinda worth it but its nothing to flail your arms about for.

May 2009

Daxter (PSP), by Ready at Dawn Studios

Reviewed by Sebastian Beyrer, 14

In this game, Daxter steps into the limelight as the central character in an all-new role-playing game for the PSP system. Featuring some very unique and challenging levels, this game is a must for every Playstation fan. In my mind, it is definitely superior to the similar new game Secret Agent Clank, simply because of the richly detailed and colorful environments as well as the interesting plot. Also, instead of fighting robots, you are faced with hoards of assorted bugs with several queens to conquer as Daxter tries to bust his friend Jak out of jail. As you advance through the levels leaving piles of incapacitated insects in your wake, you acquire more weapons, such as a flame-thrower and bug spray. Several cool vehicles are also provided to enhance the awesome experience.

September 2008

Lego Star Wars

Reviewed by Hunter Davison

It doesn't matter how old you are - Star Wars is for every one, as is their classic PS2 Platinum video game, LEGO Star Wars.
This is a two-player drop-in/ drop-out co-operative game incorporating the story lines from Episode I, II and III. The object of the game is to unlock every door and to get every coin, enabling you to build a vehicle out of minikit canisters. Once you have ten mini-kits, you get to assemble your vehicle. The characters are fully recognizeable animated forms of their movie selves, complete with: O-B Wan Kenobi, Aniken Skywalker, Mace Windo, Yoda, C-3PO, R2-D2, Darth Mole, Darth Sidyis, General Grevious, Darth Vader et al. Each level of LEGO Star Wars sees you building your armoury of characters so that their presence and special powers open more and more situations as you play. This facet of the game is what, in my opinion, has made this PS2 version go platinum, as with each combination of characters, you have a new version.

I haven't managed to reach the end of the game but I am in no hurry as I am really enjoying the journey.

September 2008

Kingdom Hearts for Playstation 2

Reviewed by Josh Kokich

Kingdom Hearts would definitly be the best playstation 2 game I have ever played. You get to play as this 14-year-old Sora, and meet all these Disney characters such as Donald Duck, Goofy, Mickey Mouse and more. It’s about an evil race called the Heartless that are trying to destroy all the worlds such as Wonderland, Alantica, Neverland, and loads more. But if a world’s keyhole gets locked, the Heartless cannot get in. And Sora finds the Keyblade, the only thing capable of locking the keyholes. So, Sora and his pals set out on a mission to lock the keyholes.    

September 2008       

Ultimate Mortal Kombat (DS) by Midway,

Reviewed by Isaac Falwasser

Another installment in the Mortal Kombat series, pretty much a remake of the mega drive version with the chance to play as hidden characters without the need to cheat. I think that the touch screen has been put to good use considering that UMK is a fighting game. Overall the game is very good and worth the price tag ($54.99)

July 2008

Bioshock by 2Kboston/ 2K Australia

Reviewed by Andy Wake, 18

Even though Bioshock is well known, this sleeper hit is still going strong with players. The Art deco city of Rapture with its psychotic and murderous citizens still amazes its players with its graphics, storyline and voice acting.

The city of Rapture is a game every Xbox 360 owner must own or at least play, The level of graphics included on the console versions is to the point that they hired two graphic artists to do just the effects of the water. Every time you see the water, be it as you're swimming from a plane crash, rushing through a hole in the wall to just sitting there you will be blown away with the detail of it.
After the airliner you're in crashes in icy water, you find a diving bell which takes you to the underwater city of Rapture, an industrial dystopia built by billionaire madman Andrew Ryan for artists, scientists and free thinkers. Although you don't know why you're there, you'll soon discover that things have gone terribly wrong in Rapture, leaving its inhabitants deformed and deranged. Rapture is starting to self-destruct, and you need to get out. You can also listen to audio diaries of the citizens of rapture and get more at details on the story line

You're guided through Rapture by a man named Atlas using a two-way radio. Bioshock offers some genuinely scary moments that will have you creeping around corners, not sure what is coming. In one encounter, I was walking down a corridor and suddenly the lights started to flicker, then turned off, leaving nothing but blackness. I inched forward, not sure what lay ahead. Suddenly the lights flicked back on and standing in front of me were three citizens. Firing off the shot gun wildly I hit a gas container and blew up half the room. This is a game that is hard to play alone in the dark, bringing back feelings from Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Alien vs. Predator 2.

Plasmids offer new options

Bioshock has the traditional weapons of a first person shooter like the shotgun, pistol and machine gun but brings something new to the game with the use of genetically engineered potions called plasmids that allow you to set your foes on fire, use telekinesis and one of the more twisted ones set a swarm of wasps from your arm to attack several enemies.

At this point you start of thinking of new and different ways to dispatch the dangerous citizens of Rapture, known as splicers. For example soon after getting your first plasmid, electric bolt, you will find yourself looking at a group of Splicers standing knee deep in water, next thing you know your 3 splicers are down. These different ways to deal with your enemy on Bioshock brings this game to a whole new level.

Bioshock has the most amount of atmosphere I've played in a while with debris and remnants of Rapture's lost souls litter the floors. Lights flicker on and off, water gushes in from cracks in the crippled city's walls. You cannot help but be impressed by everything that Bioshock offers.

Even though the storyline is hard to follow at times and one glitch with the bodies keep moving after they have long since stopped fighting back. Bioshock brings something new to the FPS genre, with its stunning graphics and abilities there is little to be said that will ruin this game. This is a game every gamer should play at least once.

July 2008

Kingdom Hearts 2

Reviewed by Carl, 13:

Another game by Square Enix, a game with beautiful graphics and a lot of soft music. Its a combination of Disney and Final Fantasy, it features such characters as: Cloud-Final Fantasy, Sephiroth-Final Fantasy, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and much more characters from Disney and Final Fantasy and it introduces new characters into Disney And Final Fantasy such as:Sora,Roxas,Riku, Kairi and Organization XIII.

Kingdom Hearts 2 has many pros and almost no cons, one of the cons is that you have to play the first one in order to make some sense of the second one but it mostly doesn't revolve around the first game like some game sequels do. it takes a while to get used to the controls but once you get the hang of them youâ?Tre good to go.

It takes a while to finish the game because when you finish a challenge a new one will pop up and you'll keep going and it never leaves you wondering what will happen next because you will go to wherever it is you need to go and it also includes lots of cut scenes and secrets. You have a MP bar which stands for Mana Power which you use to cast spells with and a thing called Drive, now no other game has this Thing called Drive, and drive allows your character named Sora to become stronger and have different abilities the first from of Drive you get is called Valor form and you turn a scarlet red colour and have a new weapon Called a Keyblade.

The Keyblade is the weapon you have in the game and you have many of them by the end of the game, you collect them from the different worlds you visit.
One main point of the game is that you are with Donald and Goofy and they are searching for their King, Mickey, and you are searching For your friends Riku and Kairi because in the first one you lost them to the darkness.
As you progress through the game you unlock new worlds and make new friends in the other worlds and as you get along in the game you see new heartless and new enemies.

As you near the end of the game you have to verse the organization and defeat them all to get further some of them are very hard to verse and it takes a while to beat them so it just takes patience or you can just train in other places.
All in all in the game is a good game and it is very fun and addicting and worth trying. In my opinion this game deserves 10/10.

July 2008

The Sims

Reviewed by Asti Miln

For me The Sims has to be one of the best computer games in the world. It is fun and creative. You can create your own realistic town and people.

The Sims is basically a game where you create the people. You can choose their name, clothes, skin colour, hair styles and characteristics. You can then move them into town, either an already established home or one that you have created or wish to create. Yes, that’s right you even get to build the houses. There are different sized plots of land you can choose to build on. You can have as many rooms as you want and build 2 storeys high. You can then pick what kind of colour scheme you want via wallpaper and carpet and purchase furniture to match.
To begin with your sims are provided with a limited amount of simolean dollars. So you will need to find you sim a job in the newspaper or on a computer so they can afford to live.

You are the controller of your sim most of the time. It is essential that your sim has company ie. Friends. The television just isn’t enough to keep a sim satisfied.
With The Sims 1 you can have expansion packs such as Unleashed, Makin Magic, Hot Date, Vacation, Superstar and more. But if you purchase The Sims 2 or 3 there are many more expansions, such as: University, Nightlife, Open for Business, Seasons, Free time, Apartment life and more.

I recommend that no matter your age, you should play The Sims. It is addictive and is a great time filler.

July 2003

From Alex: Fifa 08 EA Games

if your a football fan or even remotly like soccer this is a great game for you. this game allows you to pick your favorite team and play their whole season, thers is every proffesional club in the world ranging from the wellington phx to Man U.

From Isaac F: Mortal Kombat - Tournament Edition

This game is really, really bad for owners of the gba console, you will notice that the usual frame rate of the game has changed significantly for the worse compared to deadly alliance and the lack of characters just makes things worse. DONT PLAY IT UNLESS YOUR CURIOUS ABOUT MK!!

From Isaac: Tomb Raider: Legend.

It's carefully structured and amazingly detailed environments make this game enticing for a limited time until you actually start focusing on the gameplay. The lack of variety in Lara's combat moves and weak gunplay get less interesting by the minute.

From adoniah: halo 3

well halo 3 is not as gud as i thought but its got beter grafix then numba 2. its also quite hard to klock it, but overall its an awesum game!

From Rhio: Sims 2

This game is the best. I can not get enough of it. When you get sick of your normal clothes you can even go to the site and download more! I love this and I reccomend it LOADS! Although it has a bit of a price tag, it's worth every cent!

From Alex: Crash B1 is the best ever game

Go on to the Jaws of Darkness level. When you get up to the snake with the second boss code go right across the bumpy bits. Then you should not fall. When you get to the other side go past the blades then get the last boss key. ENJOY.