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Roll Up, Roll Up, Roll Up… Cirque Éloize Presents Nomade

Nomadism is a state of mind. So even if you've put down roots, don't be afraid to let your spirit roam free … travel the highways and byways of your imagination. Cirque Éloize has proven time and time again that its passion and poetry can electrify audiences the world over.

I didn't really want to go but now … I want to run away and join the circus. Cirque Éloize is like nothing I've ever seen before. When you say the word Circus it automatically makes you think of pictures of red nosed, baggy trousered clowns and lumbering elephants and roaring lions - a cliché I know - but that's the way it is. Or rather was. After watching this production I know I'll never think the same way ever again.

So many words come to mind. Stunning. Spectacular. Superb. Daring. Dashing. Delightful. Unreal. Unbelievable. Unique. It's one of the best things I've ever been to and judging by the reaction of the rest of the audience, I wasn't alone in thinking that way because they cheered, they whistled, they clapped and they stomped their feet in thanks.

Cirque NomadeHalf the time I couldn't believe what I was seeing. How can I even begin to describe what the performers, both male and female, did? It was a magical combination of strength, beauty, humour and poetry in motion. You can't describe the performers as gymnasts or acrobats because they were so much more than that … they left us breathless with their daring aerial acts as they literally flew through the air and twisted and turned and spun around and around. We were stunned into silence by the displays of incredible strength and graceful dance-duets under spotlights and … rain! Just imagine, he's six foot plus with shoulders to match and he's standing on her petite little shoulders! One of them even had a very French giggle at the audience after she pretended to fall from the trapeze.

Cirque NomadeThe whole performance was beautifully choreographed. The costumes seemed just right for all occasions - from figure hugging black velvet as she fluidly wove herself in and out of a hoop suspended way above the stage to others dressed in ordinary working class clothes performing the most extraordinary feats. Musicians wandered around and across the stage, intertwining with the performers - the only problem being that you didn't know which way to look in fear of missing anything.The lighting was dramatic at times, subdued at others and billowing folds of silk billowed and drifted against a backdrop of star-studded blackness.

Cirque NomadeBut over and above everything else there was a sense of joy, of exhilaration, of fun, laughter and daring and there wasn't one person in the audience who wasn't completely caught up inwhat was going on up there … because the cast of Cirque Éloize were doing exactly what they were born to do - to perform and entertain.

The world's a stage? Ab…so … lute … ly!

Reviewed by Emma