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Duck by Stella Feehily

Court TheatreTake two teenage girls out-growing their adolescence, shake and stir with a shot of abusive boyfriend and old-man lover, mix with a bit of contemporary Dublin and you've got yourself a gutsy slug of theatre.

Cat (Ban Abdul) and Sophie (Kim Garrett) are best mates and, as such, they share just about everything - binge drinking, secrets, families, clothes, make-up, dreams - but both girls are desperate to break away from their home territory before they end up living a repeat of their parent's lives. Sophie's shrewd enough to turn to a Uni education but Cat gets hooked into some real dodgy relationships with a drug-dealing boyfriend, Mark (Jonathan Martin) and a cynical novelist, Jack (Geoffrey Heath) who's old enough to be her father.

Performances are delivered effortlessly with an energy that suits the style of the play but - special accolade to Toni Jones. Her mothering roles are superb as she slips effortlessly from fag danglin' caustic bitterness to a passive/aggressive complete with wrinkled pantyhose.

It's fast and furious. An emotional roller coaster with some unexpected twists and turns and shockingly powerful scenes. Don't miss it.

September 2004