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Learn to make magic!

Read our interview with magician Julian Stewart

DIY Zines - go ahead and make your own.

Creative websites

* World Book Craft Corner
Access to thousands of engaging projects suitable for a broad spectrum of hobbyists - from beginner to experienced, for children and adults. Part of World Book Web.
Access this with your library card number and password / PIN, or at our libraries.
* Craft 2.0
Resources and links for the creative individual from Christchurch City Libraries. Includes Etsy, Instructables, makezine and more.
* Absolutely Free Clipart
Over 1200 free clipart images for you to have fun with.
* Alley Cat Scratch Costume
A mega costume construction community.
* Blast
Have a blast getting creative with this site from the BBC - art, dance, film, music, writing.
* The Bone Dude
Learn about bone carving and create your own unique symbol.
* CosPlay
Into making and wearing costumes? This is the place for you.
* Deviant Art
Join the largest art community in the world! As a member, you can collect favourites, submit art, and track your friends and favourite artists.
* Fan Fiction
Both for stuff to read and for getting published: fan fiction is when fans write new stories about their favourite characters from movies, comics and other books etc.
* Felt
Whether you're shopping for quality handcrafted goods or looking to sell your creations, this is the place for you.
* Free Jigsaw Puzzles
Jigsaw puzzles galore - art, animals, cartoons, flowers and more
* Magnetic Poetry
Choose your topic and have a go at making up poems.
* Make: technology on your time
Make magazine shows you how to make all kinds of stuff from great Halloween costumes to electronics and science projects. We also have Make magazine in print in our libraries.
* One Word
Simple. You'll see one word at the top of the page. You have sixty seconds to write about it. Don't think. Just write.
* Poetry Wiki
Express yourself freely in words and find new ways to do it. Create a log-in and once you're accepted you can contribute to this poetry wiki for teens.
* Quiz Your Friends
Wicked fun - make up your own questions and send it round to your friends to see what they really know about you
* SpineOut
Submit reviews and creative work and get published on this Australian high-school oriented site.
* Urban Dictionary
Are you coming across language that you just don't understand? This site is the greatest slang dictionary on the web, so if phrases like Gabby Shiznitzle Izzle faze you then go no further!
* Weta Workshops
Browse past and current projects, image galleries and their merchandise.
* Whyville
In Whyville you can build your own house, decorate your own room, and design your own face before moving on to own part of Whyville and have a place there that's completely yours. Fun, fun, fun.
* yours.net.nz
"yours.net.nz is a site for New Zealand students to share, show off, and get help with creating content - videos, photos, articles, features, songs, short films, documentaries ... Anything".