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Church sign, ChristchurchSpirituality and religion. What do you believe? Learn about other religions and different approaches to spirituality with these web links.

* Beliefnet
Informal, interactive site that covers all religions and spirituality - has a special teen section
* Catholic Youth Team
Homepage of the Catholic Youth Team that includes news about the team, their work, coming events, ideas, resources and some useful links.
* The Celtic Connection
A place where followers of Wicca, Witchcraft, Shamanism, Druidry and Pagan beliefs meet to celebrate the magical life.
* Meta Religion
From ancient religions to the paranormal to spirituality and extremism. Whatever you want - you'll find it here
* Opposing viewpoints in context
Opposing viewpoints provides balanced information from both sides of social, political and technological debates. Articles, documents, biographies, full text, statistics and images.
* Religion and spirituality
Recommended websites from our Internet Gateway. Comprehensive listing.
* Religious Tolerance
Multi-faith website that details beliefs and customs of many different religions, aiming at increasing understanding and promoting religious freedom. Essays on many topics.
* TeenWitch
A site for beginners or sages - but not for those who're into rebellion
* Traditions of Spirituality
Gives a spiritual understanding of people's religions and values

February 2012