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On the road

Hitting the road for the first time? Find out what your rights and responsibilities are.

* "Boy Racer" Act
Fact sheets about the penalties for illegal street racing and the anti-social use of vehicles.
* Alcohol and drugs limits
The facts for the under 20s from the Official New Zealand Road Code
* Defensive driving
Courses from the Automobile Association.
* Driver licensing
Information from the AA website
* Fines On Line
Got yourself a speeding ticket? Or maybe an infringement? You can pay online now or check whether you've got anything outstanding. Great service!
* Getting your driver's licence
Pulse's page on all you need to know about driving
* Key Driving Skills
* Learning to drive: how to get your licence
A useful factsheet from the NZ Transport Agency
* Motorcycles
* NZ Transport Agency factsheets
Lots of factsheets about vehicle safety: licensing, regulations, cycles and more
* Official NZ Road Code
Here are the road rules from the Official NZ Road Code, and copies of the Road Code in the library catalogue.
* Practice
The only way to get any good at anything is to practice - that's the idea behind this site - to get you practising your driving with a coach. You and your coach log in to the site and they give you a practice plan and guides, a CD Rom, quizzes by email or txt and more.
* Road Safety web sites
More links collected by the library.
* SADD - Students Against Driving Drunk
If you're concerned about drink driving this could be an ideal place to start.

August 2013