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You’ve got questions? Here are some top sites with answers.

* Doctor G
Our very own Doctor G provides support and suggestions for any genuine problem you may have with health, sexual health or relationship issues. The service is provided by experts from Community and Public Health, CDHB.
Sexual health info for teens, especially about HIV and AIDS.
* Center for Young Women's Health
An award-winning health website for young women.
* Community and Public Health - Sexual health Christchurch
Community and Public Health promotes positive sexual and reproductive health and responsible sexual behaviour.
* Family planning
Sexual health info from a New Zealand site.
* Gr8Mates
"This is a website for teenagers supporting friends who have had an unwanted sexual experience."
* I Wanna Know
Teen sexual health and sexually transmitted diseases
* Itchy burny bits
Sexual health info. New Zealand site.
Your online information centre for all Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), including the symptoms of STIs, getting tested and where to go for help. New Zealand site.
* Kids health - abstinence
Information and advice for young adults who choose not to have sex
* Planned Parenthood
Sexual health info for teens.
* Rape Prevention Education (RPE)
In-depth NZ site with detailed information, help & advice. Includes directory of local organisations: Canterbury.
* Rural Canterbury PHO youth sexual health
Services in rural Canterbury.
* Scarleteen
Sex education for the real world
* Sex and young people
Information from the NHS in the United Kingdom.
* Sex, Etc
Written for teens by teens
* Sex'n'Respect
Sexual health information from a team based in Auckland who spend time out and about in high schools around Auckland doing the BodySafe programme.
* Teen Help
An awesome site that is for teens and parents of teens with over a hundred of articles covering a variety of teen issues such as: teen suicide, depression, eating disorders, online safety, teen sexuality, dating, adolescent development, school, drug and alcohol abuse, parenting tips, and many many more.
* Teen tools
Sexual health info. New Zealand site.
* Teens Health
Learn the facts about sexual health.
* YrChoice
"YrChoice looks at sexuality and making good decisions even when you're under pressure so it's all about communicating smart. " Sexual health info. New Zealand site.


* Love your condom
Gay sex information. New Zealand site.
* Qtopia
Q-topia is a dedicated to providing a safe and fun social environment for queer young people (between 14 and 26) in the Christchurch area. You can email them on q_topia@hotmail.com.
* Rainbow Youth
Provides support, contact, information, advocacy and education for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Takataapui and Fa'afafine young people and their families/whanau.
* Youth Resource
A holistic approach to sexual health by offering support, community, resources, and peer-to-peer education about issues of concern to GLBTQ young people.