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Sometimes it feels like life’s an impossible balancing act.

Like it or not, you’ve got feelings and emotions, and this is the place to find out exactly what’s going on in that heart, soul and mind of yours.

The sites and helplines we have listed here are places where you can learn about feelings and emotions and how to deal with them.

Help is at hand

Remember: if you need help urgently, contact one of the many excellent helplines available to youth.

* Doctor G
Our very own Doctor G provides support and suggestions for any genuine problem you may have with health, sexual health or relationship issues. The service is provided by experts from Community and Public Health, CDHB.
* Skylight
A not-for-profit national organisation that provides unique and specialised support to children, young people and their families/whanau through change, loss, trauma and grief - whatever the cause.
* Address the stress
A Red Cross website for 12 to 25 year olds in the Canterbury region, featuring celebrity tips for dealing with stress.
* Attitude
How to handle your head - getting to know yourself.
* Balance
New Zealand Bi-polar and Depression network: 1 in 4 people in New Zealand are affected by depression.
* Beyond Blue
An Ozzie site but it has some great tips on how to help yourself and others, along with evaluation checklists.
* Bounce
Bounce is a bunch of tips, ideas and inspiration to help you live life well. Bounce is a New Zealand Red Cross project that partners with young people for young people.
* Gravity Teen
The place to get your feet on the ground when your world is upside down
* Head Space
In a bad way and not sure why? The info on this site will help. Also make sure you check out Distractions for tons of creative ways to get yourself out of strife
* Help4Youth
If you're feeling that life is the pits, check this site out
* Livewire Network
Share your concerns and ideas and receive support from other teens.
* Mind Zone
A mental health site for teens showing you how to cope, how to care and how to deal with emotions
* Motivating Moments
Inspirational quotes that have been written or recommended by teens
* Teen Help
An awesome site that is for teens and parents of teens with over a hundred of articles covering a variety of teen issues such as: teen suicide, depression, eating disorders, online safety, teen sexuality, dating, adolescent development, school, drug and alcohol abuse, parenting tips, and many many more.
* The Lowdown
An interactive website where people speak openly about depression. Facts about depression, how to get help and an anonymous self-test. Presenters include Sonia Gray, Jane Yee, Dave Gibson from Elemeno P and Awa from Nesian Mystik.
* Trippin
Great ideas on how to get your life back on track
* Youthline NZ
Run by youth for youth. Covers various issues including stress, grief, anger and exams

February 2015