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beer Whether it’s food, drink, drugs or tobacco, there are plenty of places you can get help.

* Doctor G
Our very own Doctor G provides support and suggestions for any genuine problem you may have with health, sexual health or relationship issues. The service is provided by experts from Community and Public Health, CDHB.
* ADANZ - Alcohol and Drug Association of New Zealand
Comprehensive, concise details on drugs and alcohol
* ALAC - Alcohol Advisory Council
The facts, the figures, the law, and advice specifically for young people.
* Al-Anon/Alateen
For those who may have a friend or relative with a drinking problem
* Alcohol and drugs limits
The facts for the under 20s from the Official New Zealand Road Code
* Bubble Monkey
Accurate and anonymous information about alcohol and drugs. Really (and we mean really) a cool site - make sure you check out the Tattoo button!
* Care NZ Manaaki Aotearoa
Addication treatment and support. Includes a handy Drug Self Assessment Test.
* The Cool Spot
Teens' place for heaps of info on alcohol and how to resist peer pressure
* Drink Spiking
Read this article on how to keep yourself safe.
* Drug Foundation of New Zealand
The facts and figures, pkus current media updates
* Drug Help
This website has been made for people who are concerned about how drugs are affecting their lives - whether it's because of their own use or because someone close to them has a problem.
* Eating Disorders Services
NZ organisation supplying comprehensive info & help
* Gambling Problem Helpline NZ
The gateway for info and help for gambling concerns.
* Like a drink?
Produced for people who have experienced some issues with their drinking and are toying with the idea of making some changes.
* Meth help
This site is for any New Zealander concerned about their own or someone else's use of meth and how it is impacting their lives. Includes experiences from meth users.
* SADD - Students Against Driving Drunk
If you're concerned about drink driving this could be an ideal place to start.
* St John of God Waipuna
Providing support and opportunities for change, support and advice for young people and young parents and drug counselling.
* Youthline Info Zone
Man, this site has got it ALL - not only does it offers tons of help about drugs, alcohol, body image, stress, sex and the law, etc.