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Walcott by Vampire Weekend

Reviewed by Annie, 14

amazing song. Vampire Weekend is one of my favourite bands atm along with Stars!!! Love, love, love this song listen to it right now :)

September 2010

I Miss You by Miley Cyrus

Reviewed by Paige, 13

The song I miss you is a sad inspiring song that relates to people all around the world. The song is about Miley losing a person closs to her heart, her papa. This song is a nice song with a slow beat and very nice calming lyrics. the song is an easy to learn and is worth learning in my point of view it is her best song out so far :D

May 2010

Love Story by Taylor Swift

Reviewed by Harriet, 13

This song is a original, catchy fun song. it can relate to lots of peoples lifes. It is a song that has become very popular and i can see why. It is also a inspirational song and the singer (Taylor Swift) is a very good role model to everyone.
I have officially fallen in love with this song and i am always singing it in the most random places. It is always playing on my ipod. If you havent heard it you must have been living under a rock for the last year!

June 2009

Funhouse by Pink

Reviewed by Julia, 13

Sometimes music captures your attention. Maybe you hear a snippet on the radio as you're flicking through chanels or it might possibly have been top of the charts for 3 weeks before you finally hear it and fall in love with it. The moment you hear it you just cant stop listening. You rush out to buy the CD. Stick it in your player and then spend a cosy evening just listening. For me 'Funhouse' was one of those songs. Pink carried it off amazingly and now I know nearly every word. It seems to have a meaning as well as being one of those fantastic songs you can jump about to.
I completely suggest anyone and everyone to listen to it.
Pink not your thing? Just try it. I dare you.

June 2009

Never Mind The Bollocks by The Sex Pistols

Reviewed by a listener, 13

This CD was very interesting. When listening to it, it doesn't seem very out of the ordinary, rather just sounds like a bunch of same-old same-old punk rockers, but, oh my dear readers, the sex pistols are so much more than that. Way back in the 70s the defied a generation of hippies and flares (good god, not flares) with their bad language and shocking fashion. The punk rock movement, my dear readers, was definitely not… well… flares. Punk rock fashion back then was shocking to say the least. People would turn up at gigs wearing nothing but a clear plastic bag or donning swastika armbands while wearing a top with a mogen david on it. They were rude and aggressive teens who felt the current (dis) order of things was wrong.

This CD wasn't sold in many shops because of it's title. Despite this fact, it still made it quite high on the selling lists. In the Sex Pistols' life, they never made it to number one on the charts… There was no number one on the charts in the week the single was released. Their lyrics were also very controversial. With songs such as 'Anarchy in the UK' and lyrics like 'god save the queen, she ain't no human being,she made you a moron, potential h bomb', eventually, the band couldn't get a gig anywhere. They broke up only two years after they started.

This CD was revolutionary for a generation and tops many books' greatest CD lists. Although the music is pretty basic, the lyrics are quite interesting and display many social issues happening at the time. It is definitely not everyone's cup of tea but worth giving a try.

June 2009