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There are heaps of radio stations that you can listen to on Christchurch radio frequencies or via the Web. This page lists stations and frequencies and provides links to radio station websites.

* 92 More FM Canterbury
Plays adult contemporary / pop music.
* 95bFM Auckland
Sister station to rdu in Christchurch, student station bFM says its mission is to be “the innovator, leader and indicator of contemporary music and lifestyles.” Based in Auckland.
* The Breeze
Family friendly music station, live and local from Christchurch. Broadcasts on 94.5FM in Christchurch.
* The Edge
Plays the latest music, including the top 20. Broadcasts on 89.0FM in Christchurch.
* GeorgeFM Auckland
They describe themselves as having “an awesome collective library of over 1,000,000 tunes, with a total absence of high-rotate top 40 pop.” Based in Auckland. 106.9FM in Christchurch.
* Hauraki
New Zealand’s first private radio station. They state “Radio Hauraki plays real rock - Pink Floyd, Led Zep, Guns N’ Roses, Nirvana, Green Day and more.” 106.5FM in Christchurch.
* Iwi radio map
A listing of Māori radio stations from all around New Zealand. A PDF from the Māori Broadcasting Funding Agency. [193 KB]
* Jam Radio
Online radio from Auckland's North Shore. Describe themselves as “a creative audio bank, that lives on the internet and only the internet” and that “specialises in on-demand arts and culture programmes”.
* The Joint
The Joint is a weekly radio show broadcasting every Saturday 12-1.30pm (NZT) on rdu. The Herb Whisperer, Fraserhead and assorted guests play a super dope selection of cosmic disco, French electro, tragic indie, hip hop, house, dub(step), and nu-Krautrock. Based in Christchurch. Christchurch frequency: 98.5FM
* Kiwi FM
Plays 60% NZ music. Podcasts, live streaming and broadcasting on 102.5FM in Christchurch.
* Mai FM
Mai FM is an Auckland-based Māori radio network which plays mainly hip hop and R&B music. The station is targeted at under 35-year-old listeners.
* Ministry of Sound
A dance music radio station on the web. 24-hour live digital dance. Based in London.
* New Zealand Radio guide
Listing of radio stations with links to live streams.
* Plains FM96.9
Community access radio station, with programmes in a number of languages. Often used as a training ground for broadcasting school, Plains FM is a place where many young people in Canterbury get their first taste of making and broadcasting radio. Media studies students from several schools also use the station.
* Pulzar FM Christchurch
Christchurch dance station broadcasting on 105.7FM. Currently off air, but planning to begin broadcasting again in late 2012.
* Radio Active Wellington
Wellington student radio. Radio Active describes itself as “effortlessly bridging the gap between the mainstream and underground music scenes by championing the finest in New Zealand’s and international musical talents.”
* Radio New Zealand
Its programme mix includes news and current affairs, documentaries and features, drama and music. At least 33% of the music it broadcasts is of New Zealand origin. Frequencies: National AM 675, National FM 101.7, Concert 89.7, Akaroa 95.1, Sumner 99.7, AM Network (Parliament) 963
* Radio One Dunedin
Dunedin student radio. Their DJs cover everything from punk-pop futurefunk to bangin' bhangra beats, catchy synth singles to cosmic soul death disco.
* rdu 98.5 fm Christchurch
Student radio based at Canterbury University in Christchurch. Temporarily based in a mobile broadcasting truck after being displaced by the earthquakes.
* The Rock FM
Plays a broad range of rock music, from old favourites right through to newly released rock singles, and commits a notable amount of airtime to showcasing up-and-coming New Zealand rock acts. Christchurch frequency: 93.7 FM
* The Sound
Classic rock from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Was previously called 'Solid Gold'. Broadcasts on 92.9FM in Christchurch.
* Tahu FM
Blasting the best and newest smooth grooves and bouncin’ Hip Hop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Christchurch based.
* The Hits
All the hits all the time. Broadcasts on 97.7FM in Christchurch.
* ZM Online
ZM stations around the country. Christchurch frequency: 91.3ZM. Visit the Christchurch ZM site.

August 2012