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"Why bother trying to break into Oz when you might as well go straight to Japan and make it big?"

SpectreThis group of Year 11s told me that when they get up on stage they're pretty laid back and kind of quiet which I found kind of hard to believe because this interview blasted along - just like their music …

How long have you been playing together as a band
About 5 months. We only got serious at the beginning of last term and it’s the first time any of us have been in a band and just to add to the confusion, Anthony used to be on guitar but swapped with David. None of us come from a real serious musical background (pause) although my cousin’s Anika Moa …
How would you describe your music
Heavy rock and metal. Stuff that makes a noise.
Where did the name Spectre come from
It was just a random name on the back of a folder and we thought it'd do for now. It took us a while to decide and we're still not happy with it but we had to have a name for the Rockquest entry.
How're you feeling about the Rockquest heats
We're all kind of too nervous to really pay attention although we reckon it’s going to be easier playing in front of an anonymous crowd rather that in front of your own school. Jamie tried to hide behind the curtain at our very first performance - but that might have been because we had no vocals back then. We usually follow the drum beat but that got screwed up so we basically ended up doing an improvo on stage. Hopefully, it gets better. Like our first performance was a bit of a disaster.
What’s your entry song called
It’s not. We've got the music but no lyrics as yet but that’s okay. The vocals usually come easy although we tend to disagree - only a lot.
Who writes the music
David. It gets played on guitar and then we get the drum beat followed up by the bass line. We all get together for the vocals.
SpectreDo you practise very often
It’s a bit difficult to organise so we only get together once or twice a week. It'd be great if we had our own drum kit because it'd mean we could practise somewhere else apart from school. It’s kinda hard, y'know, getting on and off the bus with ya bass in tow along with everything else.
Other bands who've influenced you
Ones who're still alive
Slipknot, AC/DC, Metallica
Mostly heavy rock and metal
Favourite album of all time
Master of Puppets/Metallica
System of a Down/Toxicity
Uprising/Concord Dawn
What do you think of NZ music at the moment
There’s plenty of good bands out there it’s just that you don't hear anything of them although things seem to be getting better so far as competitions and air-time goes. NZ music is kinda average though - there’s a lot of pop out there.
And for the future
We want to stick together as a band and all of us want to be involved in music in some way or another … but realistically we're also looking at 3D Design and maybe something to do with computers.
Ultimate dream
Gig tours around NZ
Hot chicks
Free travel
… yeah, kinda like an OE thrown in for free …