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winners of Rockquest 2004 regional finals

Overdrive in action

Overdrive came 1st in the Christchurch Regional Finals (2004) of Rockquest - competition was strong with two days of heats but the band was aptly named and shifted into overdrive for the big performance and are now focusing on getting through to the national final in Takapuna on October 8.


How long has the band been together & how would you describe your music
About three years. Dave and Mike started it up and then Tim joined two years ago and James last year - who, by the way, could only play the trumpet back then. As to our music … well, it’s just rock!
Were you always called Overdrive
Yep. We've had no name changes at all and entered Rockquest two years ago under the same name
So, you won the regional final. What happens next
It moves up a level now. It’s not just about writing and performing. We've got to put together a performance video plus document everything we do towards it - publicity, promotion, photos, biogs - and then put it forward for the selection process. It's all about self-management really. We'll be recording the gig we're doing at school for the video and our placing is really dependent on this. On average maybe two of the regional finalists go through to the final - it’s all about quality though, not location. We'll be performing with Falter who were last year’s winners - it’s at Cashmere High during the lunch hour on Monday 16 August, gold coin donation.
What other local groups do you admire
Hype and Element
How're you feeling about it all
Pretty ahhhmzin. More excited than nervous I guess - we all enjoy doing live performances and the atmosphere at the Town Hall on the night of the regionals was fantastic
What songs will you perform if you get through to the final
Not sure yet. We played Fade Away and Media Phobia at the regionals and we're working on some new stuff but it’s pretty difficult coming up with new material when there’s so much stuff going on.
Where does your new material come from
All of us, I guess. We all have ideas and get the music down. It’s the lyrics that are the problem … and usually last minute.
Overdrive drummer Tim WoodsWhat gigs have you done & What’s coming up
We've performed at quite a few high schools and on the Mobile Cafe Project at Fuse and Zebedees. We also won a competition from The Edge and got to play at Jade Stadium before one of the Shield Matches - Canterbury v Waikato, I think, and got to see the game afterwards too which was a bonus. We've also played at a couple of pubs including The Temple. Later on this year we're doing a charity concert in Palmerston North for Yellow Ribbon and the Westpac Rescue Helicopter and there’s something lined up for the Jetset Lounge. We're also into the semi-finals of Rapid Storm on the 14 August. Oh … and don't forget our gig on 16 August at Cashmere High …
Other bands that you admire
Nirvana. Sum41. Mostly punk bands really but they haven't directly influenced our own music.
What’s your opinion of the music scene in NZ
It’s definitely improved in the last couple of years and seems to be way more professional with more funding and competitions and Rockquest has gotten huge. NZ music was crap but the quality - and quantity - has really improved. Most schools have their own band now but the best way to get yourself known is to build a fan base or perform with a band who’s already well-known. We know these guys who're thinking of touring around America, livin' and sleepin' out of an old van … but we're not so sure this is the way to do it!
Are you going to try and make music your career
We're all keen to. One thing’s for sure though - for now we just want to carry on playing our music. So, we'll just wait and see what happens.
Best advice ever given to you
Just be yourself. What you do works.
And your dream come true would be …
To become world famous, have big festivals and sell out shows. For our music to be recognised and appreciated. The money would be pretty good too. So would all those email - like having a thousand or so friends has gotta be pretty special, hasn't it …