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Ill Semantics

ill semanticsHere’s what was said at our very first talk session on 1 August 2003 with Roimata from the Ill Semantics.

hi and welcome everyone, especially to our guest today - Roimata Moore of the Ill Semantics. We've only got an hour to answer live questions, and advance ones, so let’s get straight into it - the chat room is now open, so let’s have your questions please
kebab: How did you get into music?
well Patriarch, the male emcee in the crew got me into hip hop, I started writing rimes in 3rd form and hung out with people that liked the same stuff and it went from there. I hope that answered you Q, kebab
kebab: How did you choose your MC name?
Actually Kwirist, my firend who occassionaly sings with the crew suggested the name Nemesis and gave me a run down on the meaning and I was like yeah thats pretty cool
questions are coming thru thick n fast and Roimata’s busy typing so hang on in there guys
Rachel: Hi, was just wondering if you guys had any plans to try and break into international scene and whether there was much support from nz with it?
Making it internationally is always the big dream and it get scloser and closer every day with people like Mareko and Pmoney opening the doors for the rest of us here in Aotearoa… in regards to NZ support, I feel that NZ has supported it well,
min: hi, so who are your favorite groups
Hi min, well my fav groups range from the Supremes to Herbs, to more recent times like Footsouljahs, deceptakonz. the type of music I listen to tends to depend on how I feel
Kebab: I like that you sample a bit of Ardijah - are there other classic NZ acts whose music you might like to use?
I'd like to use alot of classic NZ music BUT I feel that alot of it is so great that it deserves to be left untouched. With ardijah it was a blessing to be able to work with them and so it I think it would be more practicle to be influenced by kiwi music rather than use it!
Rachel: must be tough tho going international, is there much access to funding?
Funding is the major factor, as much as the government and related institutes like to think they are helping the arts, here at the working level of the industry we don't see much of the money... if any at all, so funding is always a problem. With relationships like Dawnraid and Universal it makes it easier
Rachel: did you get 'ill semantics' from the prodigy song?
rachel - ok
Kebab: What’s been your freakiest moment doing a gig?
It would have to be when we went on tour with Nesian Mystik and people in the crowd were trying to pull me in and were like grabbing me and wouldn't let m go… freaky, but in hind sight it was pretty funny
min: So where did you get the idea for your name?
The name Ill Semantics came from Patriarchs days at Selwyn College in his 5th form english class, learning about semantics, 'the meaning of words' the word ill being slang for 'cool, good' and then he put them together, viola Ill Semantics, it has a much more deeper understanding and meaning, thats another hour worth of soul searching..…
Kebab: Is there any sort of music you really loathe? ie country?
not all country I can handle Dixie Chicks… some songs. All music is really great for some reason, words, arranngement, production.... can't really stand, Britney/Spice type music
ems: What’s your future plans
Another album is in the works as well as our next video is coming out soon, so keep posted
min: Who else have you played with - who did you like best?
Balck Eye Peas, Nelly Furtardo, Naughty By Nature, Ja Rule, Dubious Brothers, Footsouljahs, SheelaRoc, Deceptakonz and everyone that plays at Big Day Out, my fav gig so far would have to be Black eye peas and Naughty By Nature..… great atmosphere..…
Fran: Who are you favourite musicians?
Hip Hop musicians De La Soul, Lauryn Hill, there are alot of people, and I enjoy pretty much every NZ hip hop crew
Rachel: do you get much input into the videos?
the first video I had no idea, I just turned up and was like wholy! and everything turned out great… the second video we had in put into everything from who should be in it to where it was going to be filmed
Rachel, you're doing just fine! Questions coming thru as they should!
min: are you going to get a website?
if we can get it funded I'm sure that would be a possibility... in the meanwhile check out either www.dawnraid.co.nz OR www hiphopnz.com to kep up to date with NZ hip hop
Kebab: Are there other things you would like to branch out into like music production etc?
Yeah definitely… at the moment we are concentrating on getting some really great beats and I have been learning the in’s and out's of what makes a good beat and how get good quality production etc, it’s much more than people can imagine I've seen how much hard work and talent goes into that stuff, it’s amazing!
ems: so what d'ya do to chill out
Pretty much do gigs, when ever we have gigs that is my only down time I really have… I've got a crazy hectic life and so when we perform it’s a release. I like to play indoor netball, and hang out with family mainly.… watch the warriors and AB's… pretty much a spectator, SLEEP, love to sleep
min: so what do you enjoy most about performing?
Being able to make a crowd move and listen in and make people enjoy themselves. I enjoy the atmosphere of gigs and working off the energy from the crowd
Kebab: Did you do music at school and do you think it matters that you do?
Nope, no music subjects when I went to school, and nope I don't think it matters if you do or not, if you have the passion and the talent everything else will follow
Just 15 mins to go people, so if you have any questions you're needin to ask, go for it now
Fran: Do you like to read? Do you have a favourite book?
Honestly reading is not one of my strong points, I have just finished a paper about Pacific Island Health in New Zealand which was really interesting, most of my reading material comes fom my study and even if I wanted to read a novel I probably wouldn't have the time... although I have been meaning to read this really great sounding book, can't remember the name
ems: d'ya reckon you'll carry on as a group for a while
well we will continue as a group infinitely although we will endure with solo projects but under the ill semantics umbrella, for example, DJ CXL will be putting a mix tape of NZ hip hop
Kebab: I think NZ music at the mo is some of the best ever - King Kapisi, Nesian Mystik, P Money and you guys too. Do you feel a good connection with the other NZ musicians or is it too competitive?
Yeah I feel there is a connection due to NZ being a small country we ahve all experienced the same dealings in life and so our music is relative… there is a slight competitive streak in the industry
just a couple more questions to go folks and then we'll be outta time
Sorry, but that’s it! Our very special thanks to Ill Semantics for taking the time out to talk to us in our very first Chat Session!! Also thanks to all you other guys who joined in - let us know what you think on our feedback button and watch out for who’s our next guest on Pulse.