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Final Judgement

Aranui High School has FIVE bands entering this year’s Smokefree Rockquest. We trundled on down to school whilst band rehearsals were going on and managed to corner Josiah and Awhi from … FINAL JUDGEMENT … The first rock band in about six years to come out of Aranui!!!

Final Judgement

Why’s that? You being the first rock band in years to come out of Aranui?
When we first got up on stage to perform everyone at school was like wass goin' down, wass up, man and they were lookin' real confused because nearly all the music that comes out of Aranui is either hiphop or rap or something similar. It was like WHAT … IS … THIS?
So, how would you describe your music?
(deep breaths and quite a bit of laughter)
Man, that’s a really difficult question to answer because we all come from such different musical backgrounds. Two of us are right into heavy metal and hard rock … along with a bit of something else that’s kinda hard to describe, it’s just a bit of … everything, I guess. Then there’s punk and we've also got one of the band who’s got a really strong background in jazz along with funk/bass line. I guess if we really had to call our music something it'd be mainly rock … with that bit of 'something-else.'
Where did the band name come from?
Originally we called ourselves Two & A Half White Guys - coz that’s precisely what we were back then! Then we became a bigger band - Four & A Half … nah, just kiddin. There were four of us all up and the name Vigilante just came from, um, somewhere, not sure where. It was totally random but nobody liked it so we started looking round again and there it was … Final Judgement on the back of a Bible.
How long have you been together as a band?
About 3-4 years although Andy’s pretty much a new member. We get together and practise once a week. Sometimes it’s more if we can get it organised.
Who writes the songs/music?
All of us have some input although I (Josiah) usually write the main music and Awhi the words but there’s always something from everyone and usually all agree on stuff. Don't really know where the music comes from … it just seems to arrive in m'head. I had two songs that just came together once, trouble was I was in the middle of maths and there they were and they needed to get written down before they disappeared so I upped and walked out. The Maths teacher had a bit of go and told me to sit down and asked where did I think I was going but I had to get outta there and get the music down before it disappeared on me.
PosterWhat gigs have you already done?
It’s mostly been community stuff and prize-givings and performance evenings at school. We all get a real hype from playing live on stage though. Nuthin' beats it. Normally we're all quiet guys but when we start to perform we tend to go a bit crazy and jus' do what feels good!
Bands that have influenced you?
We've got a bit of a weird repertoire going on really. A lot depends on your mood and how you're feeling and What’s going down so I suppose you could say we're influenced by everything - metallica, rap & rock, R& B & rock, pop, hiphop, heavy and rap metal.
How do you feel about entering Rockquest?
Can't wait. Getting sick of playing and practising the same song over and over! You have to perform an original song at the heats and basically you've got about 7 minutes on stage to convince the judges that you're good enough to get through to the regional finals.
Favourite album of all time?
My own band’s CD! Threshold’s Hypothetical
Ultimate dream?
To teach music
Not to make it big overseas?
Well, sure. Ideally of course, we'd love to make it as a band and we want to stick together but realistically it’s way difficult - especially here in New Zealand. So, you've gotta be practical afta all!