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5th Element Rock? Nah, Hiphop…

5th element came 3rd in Rockquest finals and were winners of Cokefridge Original Song Award

5th Element

It’s the day before the Cokesmokefreerockquest 2004 Finals and I was lucky enough to get down to Aranui High and meet briefly with 5th Element before they took off … literally … for the finals in Auckland where they'll be performing with last year’s winners Falter and special guests Steriogram and Goodnight Nurse.

So, we've got the 4 other elements - earth, air, fire and water but let me introduce you to the 5th Element, who has competed against 649 other bands to make it through to the finals. And What’s more, they're the only South Island group to do so.

Willie McAllister (one of the judges) from The Edge had this to say about the finalists - The ones that we have chosen to go through are the standout performers.

As I watched and listened, I couldn't help but agree with him.

You guys don't all come from the same school or area?
Nope. Only four of us are from the same school - Aranui. The rest come from Hornby High and Shirley Boys.
So, how did you end up in the same band?
5th Element We've been going for a while now. We were in last year’s Rockquest and ended up third and got to do the ad for the Coke Music From The Fridge. Guess we all kinda met through gigs and church and stuff. Originally we had two bands going but we just took the best of the best and got 5th Element together.
How hard is it to meet for practise?
It’s tough with all of us living in different parts of town. Last year we'd meet once a week to rehearse but this year we'd be lucky to meet once a month what with school and jobs and stuff. We're pretty relaxed and laid back about it though - a lot of it just comes naturally, you know? We've been surrounded by music all our lives which kinda helps.
How would you describe your music?
Well, it’s not rock! Our sound’s different for Rockquest - it’s hiphop (and harnessing vocals)
Who writes the songs?
We all contribute. One of us has an idea and then we all work together on the words and the melody but the best stuff comes from what you're feeling. Something happens, you know, and you wanna write about it.
5th ElementHow many songs do you have to perform at the finals?
How're you all feeling right now?
Pretty laid back. Excited.
Where did the name 5th Element come from?
A mate thought of it and we liked it and got permission to use it.
Is there anyone or anything that’s had a big influence on you musically?
The Church - it’s sure had a big influence on our love of music
Any advice for bands entering next year?
Practise, practise, practise … yeah, and maybe we should practise what we preach too!!!!
Some of your favourites?
Fusa, Toto, Mareko, Scribe & Usher

Comments from readers:

Rikz says: hi guys use are all very good singers i think i heard use at i think it’s mana in the park all something and half of use are hottttt!!!!hope use make it big .....Rikz