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Interviewed October 2007


Well, Falter may be the name but there’s no way these guys are hesitating. Previously known as Phoenics Rising, they were runners up at Smokefreerockquest 2002 and came away from the finals of Smokefreerockquest 2003 as overall winners along with a few other amazin’ bits’n’pieces including:

In the midst of exams and a hectic schedule the band took time out to have a chat to your Rovin’ Reporter. We met up at Mairehau High …

How was the final night of the contest?
Pretty nerve racking because we really didn’t know what to expect. We had to wait a while for the results. After the finalists had performed, Elemeno P, Wash and last year’s winners The Have came on stage.
falter performingHow did you feel when the results were announced?
Stunned … but incredible
What’s the process of Rockquest like?
Long! The heats start in April and then through to the regionals and its not jut about performing. If you make it through, you have to perform certain tasks like putting on a concert, reporting how it went - a lot of the behind the scenes stuff. Then there’s more waiting! Then it’s the semis. These were a bit different coz filming was going on (see Channel 2 @ 5 p.m. 22 November) but better than last year when they filmed the finals which was like, extra pressure with a camera in your face. But winning Rockquest is huge - it’s a foot in the door.
How far back do you go?
We’ve known each other all through high school but weren’t always best buddies. We got together and ended up with Phoenics Rising but we had to change our name coz there was a barbershop quartet called the same thing.
How did you get the name Falter?
Flicking through the dictionary at random!
Musical likes? Influences?
Foo Fighters, Blindside, Degrees K, Weta, Jimmy Eat World - and others
So, What’s next?
Auckland again for promotions and interviews. We’ve already recorded Falling To Pieces at York Street Studio and it’s being given airtime on The Edge. We’re also filming a video with Joe Lonie(formerly of Supergroove) and as part of winning Rockquest we’re being helped by Lorraine Barry who used to work for Virgin Records - she’s kind of like a mentor and is helping us sort out what to do next but we definitely want to concentrate on the band next year.
falterAny upcoming gigs?
We’ll be at Creation, Worcester Street on Friday 28 November and also at Nelson for the Cusp Festival on New Year’s Eve (other confirmed acts include Fat Freddy’s Drop, Mother Guru, 1QA and Autozamm).
Any advice?
Stick it out. Do as many gigs as possible and practise … practise … practise …
Ultimate Dreams/Goals?
International Success (Simon)
To be able to make a living out of what I love - music (Richard)