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DonkeyPunk was the original name of Diesel Phoenix. This interview was conducted before they changed their name in 2009.

Hey DonkeyPunk, glad to see you're heading to the Mainland — is this your first trip south?
This is our first trip to the South Island, although we did do a North Island tour last summer, hitting popular venues in Auckland, Hamilton, Waihi, Raglan, Palmerston North and Wellington among others.
BTW — have you got beanies — it’s been snowing recently…
We do have beanies and will be giving 2 of them away free at the Christchurch show.
How would you describe your sound?
Our sound is unique. Despite our name it is much more than just punk, it has a distinctly rock flavour and some songs are quite "poppy", due to the different genres and tastes we each bring to the band. We write our music very collaboratively, so all of these preferences are included. Most of all though, our music has been said to have an infectious bounce quality, that doesn't leave your head for days!
You've been recording and writing - tell us about the new single…
The new single, Missconception, is our second single, but is the first song we wrote all together as a band. It is the second oldest on our setlist. After the first single, You're Yuck, which was an edgy and unorthodox pop punk song, Missconception is more of an epic rock ballad, a stronger song which is reflective of a more soulful side to the boys. Like the first single, it too carries a positive and inspiring message.
You guys like to rock - What’s been your best gig and why?
Our best gig was at the Studio, on K Road in Auckland. It was only our second live show and we played with Mums Dollar, My Life Story and Quarter 2. The venue was packed and it was awesome to have a chance to play with some of the biggest bands in NZ, who we respect hugely as musicians. It was also incredible to see our name on the big lit-up sign outside, next to Blindspott's.
Any tales of the rock'n'roll lifestyle you'd like to share? Go on… ;-)
As far as tales of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle, of course there are some, but what goes on tour, stays on tour! ;)
In actionIf I come along to the show at Zebedees, what can I expect?
The most energetic live performance you have ever seen, one where the whole crowd is encouraged to interact with the band. Unrivalled energy is a cornerstone of our live shows and we intend that you will leave convinced that you'd come all the way to Auckland to see us play next time!
Where can I get the single and other material you've released?
The singles are both available on Amplifier, iTunes and heaps of other sites on the web, so just google us. You can also hear them both (and see the video) on the band website, www.donkeypunk.com. You can buy the singles from us at the shows, or if you're really keen, can send a cheque to us and we'll post one out.

Updated August 2010