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Music LUMA-naries prepare for live recording

Interview July 2007

Students at the Linwood Urban Music Academy (LUMA) are preparing for a big night on August 25. The budding event managers and audio engineers will set-up, promote and make a live recording of a gig featuring three Christchurch bands - Neil Robinson, Undermingus and the O’Lovelys.

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Pulse wanted to know more - so we asked them. Thankfully, they told us! Here’s what they had to say:

Tell us more about the course - what skills do you learn and how do you learn them?
LUMA is The Linwood Urban Music Academy and is part of the Advanced Studies courses run at Linwood College. We are studying for a National Certificate in Performing Arts (Technology) level 2.
UndermingusThe course comprises two parts - in the mornings we study event management, this is where we learn about the music as an industry from recording rights to what rights the singer/songwriter has. In this class we also learn how to organize, present and execute a successful event. We learn organization skills build on team work and communication as well as using the internet for promotional purposes.
The second part of the course involves audio engineering. Here we get a hands on approach to using industry standard tools such as Pro Tools the industry standard audio recording program. There is also the basic recording studio where students can experience at making and recording music.
The August gig is an ambitious project - three bands and a live recording. Tell us how this event came into being.
This event came about because it is part of the course requirements that we successfully plan and run a live event. The live recording came about because there has never been a live recording at Al’s bar before! We could also use the skills learned in class and also provide the bands with a live recording for them to use. The bands were recommended by the team (The O'Lovelys, Undermingus and Neil Robinson) which are three interesting and exciting bands.
What sort of challenges does it present?
One of the biggest challenges is finding bands to play, some will then say no then yes. Finding a venue is always hard, and then there is writing contracts and promotions on top of all that you have gear to worry about and a lot of it!
Neil RobinsonSorting out a back line of gear for the bands to use; are they going to use the same drum kit, can they use each other’s amps?
One of our biggest challenges is learning how to promote a gig for the first time. There was also a lot of debate as to when the gig should be as not to clash with major sporting events or other larger shows. August 25th was chosen as it didn't clash with any major local sporting events such as rugby, America's Cup and other events which might attract a similar crowd.
Live recording is a demanding technical exercise - will you hot mix and record a master or will you record individual tracks and re-mix for the final release?
A lot of this is left to how the gig sounds on the night either method could work for us but, ideally we would like to record individual tracks that can then be taken back to the LUMA studio and edited and mix properly to give a more professional sound.
Tell us about some of the equipment you will use for the recording.
We will be using Pro Tools 7.0 LE running on an iMac to capture our audio. This will be connected to our mixing desk that takes a feed from the in-house mixing desk. We will also have crowd mics to capture the ambient effects and crowd response.
There are three bands - are they all a similar setup in terms of recording - or will some changes of set-up be required? (Any acoustic or unusual instruments to mic and record?)
The three bands consist of one three-piece and two four-piece bands so there won’t be too much difficulty in changing the recording set-up. However, anything can happen in a live show so you always have to keep your mind open to that possibility.
O'LovelysAre there plans to release the recording to the public?
At this stage a copy will go to each band (and each crew member) and its up to the bands if they'd like to release it.
Each person has a different job - can you briefly introduce each person, tell us what their job is.
  • Gus Hills is our event manager, tech and front of house manager.
  • Tiffany Halcrow is the personnel and administration manager.
  • Leon Harimate is a crew / roadie.
  • Joel Macintosh is the promotions and media manager.
  • Daniel Rosenbrock - crew manager/media/stage assistant and media liaison.
  • Jeff Fulton is our tutor and also crew/roadie, site and transport manager.