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We've only got one world, so look after it.


* Amnesty International
Join in with over 1.5 million people who are already speaking out about human rights.
* Art from junk:recycled craft ideas
Have fun with the recycling process - some nifty craft ideas to keep stuff out of landfills.
* Beyond The Fire
Real life stories of 15 teens who have survived the horrors of war in several war zones - stories of loss, hope, fear, despair and above all - strength
* Care 2
An environmental network, promoting healthy living and a healthy world
* Environment Canterbury
Find out about environmental issues in Canterbury - air, coastal, water, waste, pests & weeds, etc.
* Environmental Protection Agency
Learn about your environment and how you can protect it for the future
* Freedom Challenge - Amnesty International
An event to raise your knowledge of global issues and raise money for Amnesty.
* Global Issues
Stuff that affects everyone from environmental trade related issues
* Kids F.A.C.E.
If you're concerned about the planet and how you can help, Kids For A Clean Environment can point you in the right direction
* NASA Earth Observatory
Absolutely amazing stuff in here. Constantly updated with incredible stories and images about our world
* New Internationalist
Red hot reporting on the issues of world poverty and inequality
* No Sweat
It's a nasty fact but sweat shops do exist. Help support the move toward improving working conditions worldwide. P.S. their wicked sneakers are now available in Trade Aid shops.
* Oxfam
Voluntary aid organisation
* Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of NZ
NZ's largest national conservation organisation
* Taking it Global
Events, organizations and scholarships around the world. Get involved thru discussions, workshops and projects.
* Trade Aid
About building just and sustainable communities through fair trade.
* UNICEF Voices of Youth
Join in with what teens are saying about international issues on Voices of Youth
* United Nations Youth New Zealand
Key role players in the establishment of a vision of a healthy, equal & peaceful world.
* World Fair Trade Organisation
The global network of Fair Trade Organizations. Their mission is to improve the livelihoods and well being of disadvantaged producers by linking and promoting Fair Trade Organizations, and speaking out for greater justice in world trade.
* World Vision NZ
* Youth Action
Your chance to make a difference about global issues
* Youth Activism Project
What can you do about what's happening at school, in town or just down the street? This is an American site but it has some fantastic ideas on how you can become completely involved in what's going down.