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Being a teen parent

Are you a teen parent? Are you feeling the need for support? Not sure what to do? Want to talk to others who are in the same position as you? This page lists places where you can get help.

St John of God Waipuna

The St John of God Waipuna offers young parents a variety of education and support options — such as access to doctors and early childcare.

If you need help contact the Trust or find out more about the free teen parent directory.

Web resources

* Baby Centre
From getting pregnant, to the actual pregnancy to babies and toddlers. UK site packed with great info.
* Child Support
Info on all aspects of child support whether you're giving or receiving
* Everybody: Pregnancy Centre
Everything you need to know about taking care of yourself and your baby when pregnant
* Father & Child Society
Practical advice and support plus links to other sites that may be of interest.
* Fathering The Future Trust
Helpful advice on how fathers can have an active and positive role.
* Forbaby
Guide to nutrition for pregnant mums, babies and toddlers. From Watties.
* Kariclub - New Zealand Pregnancy and Baby Club
An online guide to pregnancy, birth and caring for a baby or toddler. The site includes a range of informative articles, forums and a pregnancy calendar that keeps mums-to-be updated with their baby's development. Free one-to-one, expert advice is also available via freephone, email or livechat.
* Kiwi Families - Teen Parents corner
Articles for teen parents.
* Parent to Parent New Zealand
Support and information for parents of children with special needs
* Plunket
New Zealand's largest provider of support services for the development, health and wellbeing of children under 5.
* St John of God Waipuna
Providing support and opportunities for change, support and advice for young people and young parents and drug counselling.
* Teen Dads
Website for teen dads, support, stories from other young fathers. From the Father and Child Trust.
* Teen Parent Schools in New Zealand
Lists schools and educators working with young parents in New Zealand.
* Treasures
Support, information and forums where mums and dads share their advice and tips.