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directionsWhat’s happening all around the world.

* Arts & Letters Daily
Read all about it - literally! New material added 6 days per week "Truth hates delay"
* BBC News
Great non-biased coverage
* CNN (Cable News Network)
Hot off the CNN press from America
* Google News
Google news combines the top reports from online newspapers from all over the world
* Hidden Agendas: The Films & Writing of John Pilger
It you want to know the real truth about what's going on in the world, check out what this award winning journalist has to report
* Independent lens
Documentaries and dramas made by independent thinkers: filmmakers who are taking creative risks, calling their own shots, and finding untold stories in unexpected places. From the PBS network in the United States.
* International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
News on worldwide concerns
* Online News
Christchurch City Libraries' huge collection of online news links
* Reuters
Full news coverage
* Spankmag: Youth Culture Defined By Youth
Worldwide, online youth forum - have your say about anything, Learn about global cultures and ideals, and sharpen your arguing skills.
* UNICEF Voices of Youth
Join in with what teens are saying about international issues on Voices of Youth