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Recessi-what? How to survive the downturn

Rebecca HarrisBy Rebecca Harris, 17

There's a word beginning with "r" that I keep hearing over and over again. It's on the news, the radio, my parents talk about it, my teachers talk about it and its making me nervous. The recession.

Numbers are constantly being thrown around, such as the unemployment rate reaching a six-year high of 5.0% and even more worrying its hitting us, the youth (15-24 year-olds), the hardest, with an annual rise in the number unemployed of 14,700 and a fall in employment of 11,300.

How to face the future

Get the facts

Find up-to-date information on youth in the labour market from the Department of Labour website

I keep hearing the facts but little has been said about how young people should best equip themselves to face a future in the fiercly competitive job market. The future is uncerain. Experts may estimate the length and effects of the recession but these are just estimates, so should we all divert back to our boy/girl scout days and "Be prepared" and what exactly does that mean?

Well, first of all, no matter how cliché it sounds, we have to get the highest secondary qualifications we can. Whether this be level 1, 2 or 3 or perhaps you get endorsed with merit or excellence, the very best qualification you can achieve will give you choices.

Stay positive

These are hopefully helpful tips but I think the essential thing to remember is to stay positive, everyone else is going through the same situation and employers always say the qualifications will get you through the door but its your attitude that will get you the job.

May 2009