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Banking guide for teens


Along with banking, managing your money is an essential life skill. Check out these sites for advice and start planning your financial success!

Time to start being in charge of your own money? This page lists library resources and bank websites so you can explore different banking options.

Get the best deal you can — and independent advice

If you are not sure about any aspect of what’s being offered by your bank, get independent financial advice from someone you trust before you sign on the dotted line. Sorted’s Starting Out and student pages are a good start.

Resources at your library

Libraries have heaps of books about personal budgets, personal finance, home-based businesses and home economics such as:

Look for youth or tertiary accounts

Some banks offer specific youth packages — aimed at those at high school who may have started a first job or earn some regular income. Others offer more general accounts, perhaps with discounted fees and charges.

Most banks offer specialist tertiary student banking packages.

Bank websites and youth packages

Updated: July 2014