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Enter competitionsWin prizes, enter competitions, score giveaways - here are some sites that will help you be a winner.

* Contest.co.nz
Online community where members list online, newspaper, magazine and other competitions.
* Film competitions
Our list of film competitions on the film makers page.
* Gifted Awareness Week competitions
During Gifted Awareness week there are competitions to celebrate gifted kids, their families and professional educators. Written, photographic and film competitions.
* Pulse competition
Our very own competition on the Pulse te Auaha. Your chance to win prizes.
* TV3 Competitions
If you see a contest on TV3, this is the place to look for it.
* Winstuff.co.nz
Online community where competitions are listed.
* Writing competitions
Our list of writing competitions.
* yours.net.nz
"yours.net.nz is a site for New Zealand students to share, show off, and get help with creating content - videos, photos, articles, features, songs, short films, documentaries ... Anything".