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The Pulse - your responsibilities

 We want your experience of The Pulse - and that of other users - to be a good one. To make the site the best it can be, we ask you to agree to some basic conditions for using the site:

  1. By visiting the site, you agree to the conditions on this page, which we may change from time to time.
  2. You agree that, in accessing information on this site, you have made the decision to do so and gained the consent of parents/guardians if appropriate.
  3. In submitting comments, feedback or items for publication, you do not include potentially offensive or abusive language, images or other material.
  4. You will not submit any material under someone else’s name.
  5. You accept that all material on this site, unless otherwise stated, is the copyright of Christchurch City Libraries and you will not copy and/or distribute it or parts of it without permission from The Pulse/Te Auaha.
  6. You understand that Christchurch City Libraries will take no responsibility for actions you take on the basis of information provided by this site, not withstanding that we endeavour to ensure the site is always accurate.

Library members

Lost or stolen card?

Ring 941-7923 immediately, or email library@ccc.govt.nz

If you are also a youth member of Christchurch City Libraries, you accept that:

  1. You are responsible for items borrowed on your card. Please do not lend your card to anyone else.
  2. Most items are issued for 28 days. See borrowing periods for details.
  3. You are unable to borrow if charges on your record total $15 or more, or if they are outstanding for more than one month.
  4. You will contact us immediately if your card is lost or stolen, by calling 03 941-7923. You are responsible for items borrowed before the loss was reported.
  5. You will tell us if you change address, or your contact details change

Fraudulent use of a library card can be extremely expensive for the owner of that card. Just as you would cancel or replace your bus card, student ID, bank card or driver's licence, you need to report your library card lost or stolen.