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About the Pulse/te Auaha

The Pulse/Te Auaha is by, for, and about young people living in New Zealand, but especially 13 to 18 year olds living in Christchurch and Canterbury.

You’ll find heaps of information on anything and everything affecting young people, from music and movies to relationships and school, much of it created by people like you. We welcome your contributions, whether you want to review a movie or gig, or share photos or tell us about something you’re into.

The Pulse has tips on the latest cool stuff to read, watch and listen to. With your help, we review the best and worst, and share the stuff we like. We showcase young people who are out there succeeding in music, sport, drama, writing, all kinds of things. We also offer information and advice about those big and not-so-big life steps, like getting a driver’s licence, learning to cook, finding a job, making money go further, or starting and coping with relationships.

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The Pulse/Te Auaha

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Trusted information

On top of that, you won’t find any annoying ads on The Pulse, and you can trust what you read. Not many websites can promise both. Because we have the backing of Christchurch City Libraries, The Pulse is a safe and trusted space to spend time while you’re online. It’s the place for young adults to ask questions, explore ideas and find information about interests and issues.

The Pulse/Te Auaha also has the backing of organisations such as the Canterbury District Health Board and Christchurch City Council, helping to make the site what we think is one of the best information sites for young people in New Zealand.

What do you think? We always welcome your comments and questions.